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How will the new WhatsApp policy affect companies?

A few weeks ago, the news from WhatsApp regarding its new privacy policies caused a stir around the world, even more so considering that to continue using the application, it is mandatory to accept them. These policies are about to come into operation and today we want to tell you how they will affect your company or business


  1. How does Whatsapp hold up?
  2. What happens if we do not agree with the new policies?
  3. How will the new WhatsApp policies affect companies?
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In 2021 the news of the messaging giant Whatsapp and its news that they will update their privacy policies took us by surprise. This announcement caused a worldwide stir of complaints, doubts, fears and disagreement, where many users decided to migrate to other messaging applications. . Faced with this collective nonconformity, WhatsApp decided to postpone this update until May in order to clarify doubts and so that people could better investigate and inquire about the new policies.

Thus, in this article we want to analyze a little the impact that this new WhatsApp update would have on companies and businesses, being clear that the application does not work in the same way in natural persons as in companies. 

How does Whatsapp hold up?

To begin with, we want to tell you what an application like WhatsApp lives on. As we well know, Whatsapp has no cost, no advertising or at least not until now and Facebook has invested a lot of money since acquiring the app back in 2014. So how do you take advantage of an app that is used by more than 2 million people in the world? Well, the solution began to arrive with WhatsApp Business, which has an API functionality that offers companies the possibility of unifying different services within the same application and making their communication with users more efficient. Companies have been joining in and downloads of this application continue to grow, much more so with the pandemic. 

But behind all this there is something much more valuable that Facebook has not yet taken advantage of, information. This is why the intention of Facebook is to unify all its brands to collect data and relevant information from people, which can be shared with other allied companies and brands, for what purpose? personalize advertising directed to you according to your tastes, geographical location, relationships, history among many other factors that can be analyzed. Of course, it is said that the chats will remain private, but they will be able to see a lot of data that they did not have access to before and that will clearly enhance the marketing of all Facebook companies. 

What happens if we do not agree with the new policies?

You will ask yourself, and if I do not agree with the new policies, what will happen? Well, it’s simple, you won’t be able to use WhatsApp again because if you don’t accept them, the application will stop working on your cell phone. Are they forcing us? 

Whatsapp, for its part, states that all the information that is collected will be used solely to improve our experiences, such as personalizing the messages we see and having more precise suggestions. Additionally, they may use some data for security purposes, what does this mean, that if necessary they may share some of your data with private companies or with the government. Will we no longer even own our own information? 

How will the new WhatsApp policies affect companies?

Clearly users will not be the only ones affected, the new WhatsApp policies will also have an impact on companies. As with users, Facebook and WhatsApp will also be able to obtain relevant information from companies, location, profile information, among other data. Also with its new reform, Whatsapp is offering companies to manage and store their chats using Facebook’s hosting infrastructure. If companies start using this service, imagine the amount of market data they could get and the large study of people’s buying behavior they could do globally. Knowing this data, Facebook will be able to charge companies fortunes for showing users highly detailed and personalized advertising to target audiences.

Now, looking at it from the other side, they can also be affected by the decrease in users since many people are migrating to other platforms, many of which, unfortunately, do not have an API system in the style of Whatsapp Business, which It will make communication with your customers difficult. 

In any case, users feel insecure about using Whatsapp and there will always be doubts about how much of our information they can see. For this reason, it is best to offer our clients secure alternatives that give them confidence, such as encrypted communications.

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