SecureCrypt Aplicaciones Encriptadas

SecureCrypt Secure encrypted communications on a private global network.

SecureCrypt Aplicaciones Encriptadas
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License 3 Months



SecureCrypt Aplicaciones Encriptadas
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License 6 Months



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Equip your organization with our enhanced encrypted communications app at a competitive monthly rate per user, using our app on your existing phones, for seamless integration

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White label your own private solution on a private server so your organization can have a private label encrypted communications application without having to build one.

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SecureCrypt was designed for those in finance, telecommunications, biotech, energy, corporate, legal, entertainment, healthcare, technology, media, and government.

ECC Encryption

The SecureCrypt encryption protocol uses 512-bit ECC encryption, which is equivalent to 15,360-bit RSA. New ECC keys for each message. Chat with ease knowing that interception of messages is impossible.

Timed messages

Enabling message burn mode allows the sender of a message to set a timer and have the sent message self-destruct from both the sender's device and the recipient's device.


Share any type of file with any file extension without routing your communication or file transfer through any server to ensure your privacy.
SecureCrypt was created as a solution for free mobile apps that collect and sell your data and spy on your entire device. Ideal for those looking for a complete mobile security solution who want to protect their communications.
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Encrypted calls

Make encrypted voice calls without the information passing through any server. This makes Man-in-the-Middle attacks, espionage, and interception impossible.

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No location permissions

Our contact list is encrypted. This isolates everything to our app, which is hosted in an encrypted container on your mobile device. SecureCrypt does not ask for any location permissions.

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24/7 technical support

We will be at your disposal for any question or problem. Live technical support, 24/7, 365. Our goal is total customer satisfaction.

The SecureCrypt app

is ideal for:

Frequent questions

SecureCrypt protects all files, send any attachments, photos, videos, voice messages, documents or chats. No third party will be able to access the information.

El espionaje corporativo, el robo cibernético y la pérdida de propiedad intelectual están en una trayectoria ascendente. La información confidencial de la empresa se intercambia a través de dispositivos móviles todos los días, pero se presta poca atención a la integridad de las redes por las que atraviesan esos datos confidenciales. SecureCrypt proporciona protección completa de los datos, tanto en tránsito como en reposo.

SecureCrypt locks down your operating system and hardware/firmware, so attempts to bypass our encryption entirely won’t work. Free chat apps (Signal, Telegram, etc.) don’t offer this and the end-to-end encryption isn’t good enough to ensure the security of your communications.