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is an international technology company with Colombian-Canadian origin.

We are specialists in  secure communication equipment and software  such as cell phones, applications and sim cards. We seek to bring digital security closer to any person or company that wishes to protect their information and privacy. We work with the  safest  and most recognized systems around the world. Which have been put to the test for years and have proven to be impenetrable.

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Secure and borderless communication

We have a wide network of resellers and distributors in North America, South America and Europe who are responsible for bringing Encrypted solutions to everyone who needs them, so that more and more people can benefit from all the advantages of secure communications.

We take your privacy seriously

We are always at the forefront of new technologies to offer you totally impenetrable and easy-to-use encrypted communications. We help corporations, companies, government institutions, celebrities, lawyers, travelers and individuals who want to improve their cybersecurity

Nosotros Celulares Encriptados
Nosotros Celulares Encriptados

We make sure that your personal information is not passed on to third parties

With Encriptados you will have a private network provider that will be in charge of providing you with security and guarantee you more privacy preventing your information from being manipulated, shared or sold.