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eSIMs, How to know if your mobile is compatible?

Now that more and more operators are offering eSIMs, interest in this technology has increased to levels never seen before and having a mobile phone that supports eSIMs brings many advantages. Do you want to know which ones? Here we explain them.


1. What is an eSIM?

2. Advantages of using an eSIM.

3. How do I know if my mobile phone is compatible with an eSIM?

4. Encrypted eSIM from Encriptados.io, privacy to another level.

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM, also called virtual SIM or virtual chip, is the digital version of the classic data SIM Cards. It works thanks to a microchip that is installed in your mobile and allows you to install several “eSIM profiles”, with their phone numbers and data plans. Thanks to eSIM technology we can contract a mobile data plan and use it without having to wait for a plastic card or go to a store.

Advantages of using an eSIM.

One of the main benefits of the eSIM is its flexibility. With an eSIM, you can change carriers or add data plans at any time without having to purchase a new physical SIM Card. This is especially useful when you’re traveling, as you can choose and activate local data plans without having to find a physical cell phone store.

By using eSIM, you save the time and cost of searching for and purchasing local SIM Cards when you arrive at a new destination. You can access prepaid or contract data plans directly from your device, saving you money and avoiding the hassle of physically changing the SIM card.

How do I know if my mobile phone is compatible with an eSIM?

There are many ways to know if your smartphone supports eSIMs. You can look at the technical sheet on the box or even on websites, you can find the specifications sheet of your mobile where it should indicate if it is compatible with eSIM in the connectivity section. If nothing is mentioned about eSIM anywhere on the technical sheet, it is very likely that it is not compatible.

You can also look in the mobile settings for eSIM compatibility. In the Configuration or Settings app of each smartphone it is possible to know if it supports eSIM. You can check on the internet how to look on your mobile since the way to find it varies depending on the brand.

Finally, use the code *#06# to check it, it should appear in the specifications if your phone supports it. Likewise, you can consult the list of brands and phones that currently support this system on the internet. Also, if you wish, you can contact us and we will help you know if your phone is compatible with this type of SIM.

The user can configure the virtual SIM at home following a process that is almost as simple as taking a selfie: just point the phone’s camera at a two-dimensional barcode (or BIDI code) provided by the carrier so that the phone captures the settings that will be transferred to the eSIM.

Then, depending on the phone and whether you use an Android or iOS user, the virtual SIM Card configuration process is completed by following a series of steps.

Encrypted eSIM from Encriptados.io, privacy to another level.

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