Secure MDM iPhone

Shield your iPhone with the highest degree of security.

Xecretia quiere que las personas, empresas, organizaciones e instituciones tengan su propio sistema de protección de la privacidad, cuidándolo a través de nuestra tecnología y dispositivos.

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Secure MDM iPhone​
License 6 months


649$ USD

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Protects the integrity of your information by blocking wired access to the device and its information.

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Modify the IT policies of the device to eliminate access paths that could compromise the security of information and applications.

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Emergency wipe, you can ask us to remotely wipe the device in an emergency.

Blocking of wireless networks to prevent access attempts or attacks by these means.

We integrate a group of applications for connection, communication and productivity in a safe way.

Increase the security of the device using our Sim Card Encriptados.

We restrict the use and installation of applications or software that may compromise the security of the device.

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With “Secure iPhone” together with our SIM Encriptados and one of our apps for encrypted communication, obtain the highest degree of security in your communications.

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You only need to have a Mac computer and your Iphone to perform the installation.

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Data encryption for secure communications between devices.

Use allowed VPN apps to make your connection more secure.

You should not use personal accounts to identify yourself to Apple.

A container that prevents information leaks or malware from entering the device.

Eliminate information leakage through wireless or wired networks.

How to Protect my Cell Phone from Malware and Hackers to avoid Interventions 2023

Frequent questions

MDM stands for Mobile Device Management is software that is installed on devices and modifies the policies of the phone to manage it and make it more secure.

When the MDM is installed it is normal that it asks you for access to your location, camera or other services that, at first instance, may seem alarming, but what the MDM is doing is requesting all these services to remove them from your Android operating system and so you can restrict access to your location, your contacts and camera.

You will make your phone a much more secure device with software that is in charge of managing the functions of your phone to make it more private, avoiding any type of intrusion by a third party.