A team equipped with everything you need to give you maximum security in your communications

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Tribe Phone License 3 months Activation/Renewal

559$ USD

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Tribu Phone License 6 months Activation/Renewal

949$ USD


All the advantages of an iPhone for your secure communications, but without security breaches.


Symmetric end-to-end encryption fail-safe software


Restore your device remotely using MDM


Virtual private network for a more secure connection. VPNs mask your IP, so your online actions are virtually untraceable.

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TribuToken aims to bring you the joint benefit of open blockchain technology and traditional currency by converting your cash into a digital currency.

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Processes that took hours, days or weeks in the past have been simplified to the point where most of the work has been automated.

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TribuToken combines the benefits of this system with secure telecommunications business lines, creating a more convenient environment for users.


Encrypted calls, video calls and instant messaging via ZRTP. With an easy-to-use graphical user interface, enhanced audio and video quality and advanced calling features.


The most secure instant technology for your text messages.


Reduce the risk of security breaches. You can determine a set period of time for the message to be removed from both devices.


Secure protocols to ensure security. OMEMO will generate a new key for each message.

Turn your mobile into a powerful encrypted cell phone

Frequent questions

By encrypting the cell phone, the original operating system is replaced by a military-grade encrypted one, with special features such as encrypted chats, secure calls, remote destruction, among others that you can learn about at

In addition to the security and privacy offered by an encrypted cell phone, there will be features such as encrypted chats, remote deletion, encrypted mail, timed messages, cloud storage and multiple encrypted applications.

In case of losing the phone or being a victim of theft, a predetermined combination of characters can be sent to the chat itself to eliminate all the information on the cell phone. In other cases, it can be done by contacting the license provider.