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France approves controversial law that allows activating the camera and microphone of suspects’ cell phones

Did you know that France passed a controversial law that allows police authorities to remotely activate the cameras, microphones and phone locations of people under investigation?


1. What is the law that France passed to activate cameras and microphones?

2. What would the regulations and functionality of this law be like?

3. Encriptados protects your communications and privacy.

What is the law that France passed to activate cameras and microphones?

The measure, which is part of an article containing several other provisions, was voted by the National Assembly within the framework of a broader bill to reform justice. In this way, this Law joins a series of measures that the French Government has been implementing to expand police authority through technology.

Although it is planned that it can only be applied to those investigated for terrorism, delinquency and organized crime, the measure has been harshly criticized by rights groups, since they consider that this measure violates the right to Safety, to Privacy and Private Communications, not to mention that it is a door so that in the future the government could begin to monitor people without having to be suspects.

In this order of ideas, when the needs of the investigation that is opened for a crime or misdemeanor punishable by a custodial sentence of at least 5 years in prison, the judge of the case may authorize the remote activation of an electronic device without the consent of its owner or holder for the sole purpose of locating it in real time.

What would the regulations and functionality of this law be like?

The regulations contemplate Two situations: On one hand, Geolocation to locate the accused in real time and, on the other, enabling the police to monitor conversations and images in cases of terrorism and organized crime.

According to the law, some professions will be exempt from being monitored, such as lawyers, doctors, deputies and journalists. However, some people point out the fact that one citizen should not be given privacy preferences and another one not.

Cybersecurity experts assure that initially, the suspect will have to provide the phone, or if they do not cooperate, download an application, so that the surveillance program can be installed that allows access to the camera and microphone, but, how far are we to devices that come with this option included?

Regarding geolocation, it is not necessary to have access through an app because they can do it through cell phone operators, as each user has a mobile device, and this mobile device has an identifier that is usually the IMEI and from there you can monitor which antennas it was connected to or to which antennas it is connected and how it is moving.

Governments around the world have a growing need to control and monitor citizens’ online behaviors, which violates the rights and free development of citizens. We must be the ones to take control and not allow this to continue happening.

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