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Designed by the best minds in mobile technology, focused on keeping your data safe at all times

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Silent Phone – Silent Circle
App Encrypted
6 Months of Service

99$ USD


Messages are automatically deleted from sending and receiving devices after a "recording time". You can choose this time: From one minute to 90 days.


Voice memos with the ability to record and provide a secure alternative to voicemail.


Encrypted file sharing… send up to 100MB securely. Group Messaging… Send files and messages to groups of users seamlessly


silent circle chats 2 chat private messaging Protected from the moment you press SEND, encryption is performed on all devices running the app, ensuring that your communications can only be interpreted by the receiving device. The person sending the message will be able to tell if it was received and read.

Protect your communication from start to finish with military-grade security solutions

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Built on a fundamentally different protocol

When two Silent Phone - Silent Circle users call or chat with each other, that transmission is secure and encrypted end-to-end on our network. ZRTP provides reliable peer-to-peer key management for secure VOIP communication.

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No backdoor policy

At Silent Phone - Silent Circle, we have a strict no back door policy. The encryption keys for private communications remain in your hands and only in their hands. Your company is kept at the highest level of security at all times

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private design

Designed by the best minds in mobile technology, encryption, security and privacy, our technology sets the standard for the most secure and reliable enterprise privacy.


Encrypted end to end

Make encrypted calls with any iOS or Android device. No hardware or SIM card required. It can be used on Wi-Fi or mobile data networks.


Unlimited peer-to-peer calls. Conference calls. Connect with your coworkers, from anywhere, through calls. Up to six users can be connected, all safe and identified. Extend unlimited calls and messages between Silent Phone - Silent Circle users. Easily add accounts with our silent manager, which easily scales for any size team.


Make private calls between Silent Phone- Silent Circle users from the same app with security and confidence. The call will be protected and secure from any type of interception or hacking attempt.


Increase the security of each call made. Calls are routed through Silent Circle's secure servers, before reaching the telephone network. The call between your device and our servers will be encrypted, which will keep your communication safe from threats.

We easily adapt to all types of organizations: Large, medium and small companies from all industrial and commercial sectors

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Manage users

We have an intuitive interface, which allows you to add and manage users, groups and plans. From the screen, the administrator can customize activities and needs for each user and their organization.

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Proprietary Technology Enables Businesses to Thrive

Our services are focused on keeping your data safe at all times. Silent Phone - Silent Circle has maintained a leadership position in the industry, betting on the security of mobile communications.

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Military-grade patented technology

ZRTP "Zimmermann Real Time Transport Protocol" was developed by Silent Phone - Silent Circle. This patented technology has perfect secrecy, this means that the keys are destroyed at the end of the call.

Silent Phone – Silent Circle is the ideal application to keep all your communications secure

Silent Phone, the encrypted application that will protect all your chats

Frequent questions

Silent Phone – Silent Circle is an encrypted messaging app designed to protect communications. You can make end-to-end encrypted calls, send encrypted chats with a self-destruct timer, and any type of attachment securely.

When Silent Phone – Silent Circle users call or chat with each other, this transmission is secure and end-to-end encrypted with no backdoor policies and complete communications security.

Silent Phone – Silent Circle can be installed on any type of mobile device.