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Silent Phone, the encrypted application that will protect all your chats

Do not compromise your data using messaging apps like Whatsapp or Telegram. There are much better options on the market, for example Silent Circle.


1. What is Silent Circle?

2. How to use Silent Circle?

3. How does Silent Circle work and what are its features?

There are many dangers that we run into when we use messaging applications, our chats and private messages are quite exposed and the end-to-end encryption that conventional applications handle is quite easy to hack, not to mention the poor privacy policies that these  types of apps have.

This is where more secure and reliable applications appear, these can help us have more private and secure communications. This is the case of Silent Circle or also known as Silent Phone, an app that integrates the most secure and sophisticated encryption protocols, guaranteeing military-grade security.

What is Silent Circle?

Silent Circle is an intuitive app, user-friendly and very versatile. It allows you to have fully encrypted chats with a timer so that the message is deleted after a certain time between one minute and 90 days. You can also have secure calls and video calls and send encrypted messages of up to 100 MB.

As you can see, it is a more secure, complete and private application. It has some interesting features that make it an excellent option for all those who want to protect their private chats and conversations. In addition, it has strict privacy protocols making sure the user’s personal data is not collected by the app.

How does Silent Circle work and what are its features?

Silent Circle has an intuitive interface that allows you to add and manage users, groups and plans. From the screen, the administrator can customize activities and needs for each user and their organization.

One of the most notable features of Silent Circle is its end-to-end encryption, backed by the ZRTP protocol. This encryption ensures that your messages, calls and video conferences are protected at all times, even on unsecured networks. Additionally, Silent Circle uses military-grade encryption, providing an additional layer of security for your communications.

Another key feature of Silent Circle is the ability to send self-destructing messages. With this feature, you can set a lifetime for your messages, after which they are automatically deleted from both your device and the recipient’s device. This ensures that your conversations are ephemeral and leave no trace once they have been read.

How to use Silent Circle?

The installation of Silent Circle is quite easy and intuitive, in this video we explain how to do it quickly and effectively:

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