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Do you want to be our business partner to resell our products?

If you have contacts that require cell phones, apps or encrypted equipment, contact us! you can be a distributor of our products

Distribuidores Celulares Encriptados

What is it like to be an Encrypted dealer?

If you are a person or organization that has an audience interested in encrypted communication tools, you can partner with us to distribute our products to them.

Why encrypted communication systems?

Ordinary people, companies and even governments have been victims of digital attacks for a long time. According to data, the damage costs of cybercrime reached $6 billion annually by 2021. Threats are becoming more advanced and encryption technology is needed to protect information.

Distribuidores Celulares Encriptados
Distribuidores Celulares Encriptados

What does it mean to be an Encrypted distributor?

To be a distributor of Encryptados requires great caution, reserve and responsibility in the use of data, this in order to provide the greatest possible security to our users.

Mobile security, a growing business!

Every day privacy is more necessary and more difficult to achieve. Therefore, this is a market that is constantly growing and whose demand covers more and more sectors.

Our products!

Complete security systems

Security system that modifies TI policies and includes tools of encrypted communications.

Applications for Secure Messaging

Unlike encrypted cell phones, the applications do not require modify the phone’s operation and can be easily adapted to a personal cell phone, providing great security and privacy.

The Encrypted Sim Card is an ultra secure Encrypted Sim Card compatible with any brand of cell phone or tablet operating in more than 200 countries.
It integrates very well with the products previously shown. When used together, it works as a complement that is responsible for providing security in the connection to the network of these systems or applications.

With our encrypted devices, apps, and tools, we ensure that sensitive data and communications stay completely private and secure

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