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Myths and realities about encrypted cell phones

They are only for politicians.They are very expensive. They are not sold in my country. These are just some of the myths we hear about encrypted cell phones, but what is the reality?


Encrypted cell phones.

Myths of encrypted Cell Phones.

Encriptados, the best encrypted cell phones in the world.

Encrypted Cell Phones

Encrypted cell phones are gaining great strength in the world of communications and every day it is more normal for people to decide to have one and take care of their privacy and personal information.

However, there are many myths about this type of cell phone and in this article we want to see some of the most common and define how true they are.

Myths of Encrypted Cell Phones

  1. One of the most common myths about encrypted cell phones is that they are only and exclusively for top executives, politicians or very famous people. How true is this? The reality is that encrypted cell phones are for any type of person who wants to protect their information, communications and privacy. Although there are professionals such as Politicians or Lawyers who are more common to have this type of equipment, today anyone can have one and they are becoming more and more necessary in an increasingly digitized world full of imminent dangers.
  1. Another of the most frequent myths is that encrypted cell phones are extremely expensive and are far from the reach of a common person. Well, the reality is that there is a wide variety of brands of encrypted cell phones where the value varies according to the user’s needs. Although there are some licenses that are expensive due to the degree of security or prestige they provide, there are also others that are more affordable for people who are starting out in this world and in fact, there are already some free brands such as GrapheneOS.
  1. Another quite common myth is to think that by encrypting a cell phone, it will become much slower and heavier, the reality is that the phone will continue to be just as fast or could even become much more optimal, since encryption licenses do not require of so much RAM memory capacity and also come with more restricted applications, so the device will still be efficient.
  1. A very common myth that is directly related to encrypted cell phones or security systems, is that just because you are not famous or have a lot of money, hackers will never be interested in hacking you, therefore, there is no need for any encryption system. Reality? The contrary, the main targets of hackers are ordinary people, like you and me. Why? Precisely because we are the easiest to hack, a famous person or with a lot of power has greater security protocols that make it difficult for the hacker to intrude, while ordinary people are easier to hack precisely because they think that they will never be victims of this.

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