Highly secure instant messaging app that respects your privacy

Armadillo chat ensures that you have the most secure communications

Armadillo Chat
License 3 months Activation/Renewal



Armadillo Chat
License 6 months Activation/Renewal


Encrypted Chats

Armadillo Chat uses end-to-end encryption, so your messages are unreadable even if the server is compromised.

Remote and automated wipe

Automatically set self-destruct timers, remotely delete individual messages or entire conversations

Encrypted communications

You can communicate with text messages, images, files, group chats or video calls securely.

Verify the identity of your contacts

You can use several methods to verify your friends' identities: scan a QR code, ask a question, Wi-Fi verification, or text verification.


Easy account access

Activate or renew your Armadillo Chat account to ensure the most secure software, communications, and support.


24/7 support

You can also speak directly with our mobile security experts via Armadillo Chat about your security concerns.


Simple interface

Armadillo Chat is not only a completely secure app, it is also very easy to use.

Encrypted calls

Call your contacts within Armadillo Chat securely. No interference or traces of the phone call. No one will be able to intercept the call.

Secure video calls

Make video calls safely with your contacts and talk calmly about the topic you want.


Privacy & Security

Armadillo Chat is a highly secure instant messaging application. With constant updates we make sure that all your communications are private and out of reach of any malicious third party.


Alerts on potential impostors

Armadillo Chat automatically warns you about possible impostors in your contact list and other devices connected to your account. In high security mode, it will also warn you about any friends you haven't verified.


Push Notifications

The chat service is integrated with our PUSH notification providers so that all of our mobile app integrations can receive a PUSH message when a new message is added to a chat conversation.

Frequent questions

Armadillo Chat is a highly secure instant messaging application that respects your privacy. Just install it and add contacts to start enjoying encrypted chats, encrypted calls and secure communications. Messages are protected with military-grade keys and protocols so no one can access them.

Armadillo Chat can be installed on any type of Android or iOS mobile device

In addition to being a 100% secure application, it is one of the simplest and most intuitive to use, which makes it a complete and practical application to communicate with any contact quickly and reliably. start using it