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Teleworking and Cybersecurity in times of pandemic

Teleworking is a concept that has always existed, but perhaps it had never been as usual or common as in the year 2020. We have had to reinvent ourselves and live a different reality where all information and communications are mostly given, digital. But by being more connected we are also more exposed, which is why it is of the utmost importance to protect our corporate information from possible cyber attacks or security breaches that compromise the stability of the company. 


  1. What is telecommuting?
  2. The risk of telecommuting 
  3. How to protect our information

What is telecommuting?

Teleworking is a labor aspect that consists of carrying out our work activities or for the provision of services based on information and communication technologies to establish contact between the worker and the company, clearly, without the need for physical presence. 

The origin of teleworking dates back to the 70s when a couple of companies in crisis sought to reduce costs and one of their ideas was that employees could work from home, thus bringing the work to the worker and not the worker to work, no However, the boom of this modality came in the following decades with the arrival of the internet and later, with the different devices such as cell phones and laptops that greatly facilitated all communications and the possibility of moving and working almost anywhere. 

Since then, telecommuting has been a good option for companies seeking to reduce costs or simply adopt a more flexible model that allows their employees to work from different cities or countries in a joint and profitable way. 

However, and although teleworking is common in some companies, it had never become almost an obligation as it has happened this year. The global pandemic has taken millions of organizations around the world off base that were not prepared to work entirely digitally. This has been taken advantage of by cybercriminals who have attacked thousands of companies in the world seeking to obtain information and commit different computer crimes.

The risk of telecommuting

During the pandemic, attacks and attacks by hackers increased sharply and more and more companies have been victims of hackers. According to recent indicators from Iomart, in recent months there has been an increase of more than 90% in cyberattacks involving ransomware, which is a type of crime in which hackers apply a computer program to victims’ networks to encrypt and steal the files of the organization, which has to be forced to pay a ransom to recover its data.

Some other technological portals assure that more dangerous attacks in which business information ends up being destroyed or totally stolen without the possibility of recovering it, has increased by more than 100% and computer security breaches have grown substantially to almost 250% in comparison with 2019. A recent report by IBM Security analyzed 500 recent breaches in the world in which 80% of the time corporate data was exposed, leaving companies with losses of more than 3.8 million euros. 

Some of the big companies affected have been Twitter, which recently had an attack in which famous celebrity accounts were hacked and used to promote a fake bitcoin trading site where they ended up stealing thousands of dollars in just a few minutes. Also on this list is a prestigious law firm that handles cases involving characters such as Madonna or Dunald Trump. Hospitals, railway companies and many others have also been involved and have been left at the mercy of cybercriminals.

Without a doubt, we are facing one of the greatest times of computer risk in recent times, teleworking, inexperience in this field and little foresight of the importance of cybersecurity and encryption have us today in the sights of the hackers.

How to protect our information

Unfortunately, on many occasions we have the mentality of protecting or caring for something only when we have been violated or have been the victim of one of the crimes, this thought is what so many hackers are taking advantage of to access and steal our private data. The ideal would be to anticipate and have tools that give us security and peace of mind against cybercriminals and more at this time. 

Taking care of our data and company information should not be an option, but an obligation, investing in computer security should be part of the annual budget of every company regardless of its size or company name.

There are currently different options that can help your company keep information secure. In  encriptados.io  you can find different alternatives that will give you the security and peace of mind that your company needs. You can find  encrypted cell phones ,  encrypted applications  and our  Encrypted Sims that will take your privacy and security to the next level, keeping all your company data encrypted and secure against cyber attacks and against any type of attack by hackers.

Don’t wait to be the next victim, protect your information with  encriptados.io

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