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Cybersecurity tips to start 2021 encriptados

Cybersecurity tips to start 2021

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. In terms of cybersecurity, it was a year where computer crime rates reached overwhelming figures and where the fact of having to migrate to a digital culture for which not all of us were prepared, made hackers and cybercriminals take advantage of and obtained benefits from millions of people and companies around the world. 

It is for this reason that this year we must be more aware and more prepared to face these situations. That’s why we want to share several cybersecurity tips to apply in 2021.


  1. Cybersecurity tips to protect yourself in 2021
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Cybersecurity tips to protect yourself in 2021

1. Read and know the threats present in the digital world.  

Before knowing how to protect ourselves, it is important to know what we are going to protect ourselves from. For this reason, the ideal thing would be for you to be able to read and update yourself on the different cyber threats that exist on the Internet and which are the most frequent.

2. Evaluate your online behavior and take action. 

After you know the different threats that we face every day, the ideal would be to evaluate and detect the behaviors that put your security at risk. Once you do, you can start taking steps like changing your passwords, purging your networks of personal information, and being more intuitive when receiving information. 

3. Change your passwords and purge your social networks.  

It is important that you update all your passwords for more robust and difficult to crack. Use letters, numbers and characters and avoid names, birthdays or very common data in your daily life. As far as possible, the ideal would be for you to use different passwords for each network you use or at least make a small modification to them. It is also important that you purge your social networks of personal information, remove data such as telephone number, residence address, place of work or study, among others, that provide the cybercriminal with a map to approach you.

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4. Pass this information on to the youngest members of the family. 

It is important to start adopting a culture of self-care on the web, therefore, there is nothing better than starting to educate our children, nephews or children in the family about what is right and what is not right in the cyber world. That they know how to identify possible scams and accompany them in the use of platforms, video games or networks that they use to guide them through good behavior on the web.

5. Install protection software on your devices and computers.

It is important that you install antivirus and software that protect your data and the sites you visit. Update your computers and mobile devices with programs that offer protection and give you security against viruses and possible hacks.

6. Read the privacy policies. 

Something as simple as reading the privacy policies is one of the steps that we most often miss when installing an application on our mobile devices or laptops. Start reading these policies and decide what is good to install and what is not. If possible, do not give location or camera permissions unless it is really strictly necessary for what you need. Read the policies carefully and have criteria to decide between one or another application.

7. Train your work team or request training.

Just as we must educate the little ones, it is also important that we train ourselves in terms of cybersecurity at work. We are in a work environment in which virtuality rules the stop, videoconferences, emails, chats, calls and digital work spaces are the new work trend. That is why we must know how to protect the information of the company we work for and how we must act in these spaces. In addition to what applications or software to use, which ones are unsafe and what cybersecurity elements we should acquire.

8. Stay up to date on cybersecurity news and trends.

Read and research, keep up with cybersecurity trends and look for strategies and mechanisms to improve and protect your privacy every day. Do not believe everything that comes to you, remember that there is a lot of fake news, investigate official sources and explore alternatives that allow you to have better personal and business cybersecurity every day.

It is a year in which things will not be entirely different regarding the pandemic, but it is a year in which we can be more prepared to face our new normal and protect our privacy and our personal information. If what you want is more complete protection, the ideal is to have encrypted technology.

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