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Why have an encrypted SIM encriptados

Why have an encrypted SIM?

You have felt repeated interference in your calls, perhaps you are noticing an unjustified data consumption. Or maybe you feel like your mobile device is constantly overheating. Well, these are all signs that your SIM card could be being intervened or hacked. 

Today, more than 60% of the world’s population has access to the internet and the way we communicate continues to evolve. The most used way is by chat, messages, photos or texts. All day we are in constant communication with our family, friends, clients or co-workers. 

But, have you ever wondered how much of this information is filtered, intervened or manipulated by third parties? If you have never asked yourself, you should do so because your mobile devices have a small infiltrator called  SIM card.


  1. Common Sim Cards
  2. Benefits of having an Encrypted SIM
  3. Get to know the Encrypted SIM 

We are in a digital age where almost the entire world population has some device to communicate and surf the internet. Thanks to this information has become the most precious resource and in turn a powerful weapon for military, political, trade, marketing and many other strategies. Unfortunately, due to ignorance or little importance, we ignore that we are losing our privacy and that all our data is being left at the mercy of third parties, such as your internet provider, the manufacturer of your cell phone, the developer of your operating system, the creators of the applications that you download on the device and many other entities that have access to our privacy without any control or law that protects our information.

Common SIM cards

The Sim Card has been something similar to what the key is to a car. It is necessary to connect our mobile device to the network and to be able to interact with the computer world. More and more people are choosing to have a data plan that allows them to have access to the internet, applications and calls. But when you access a common operator you are leaving all your personal data and information without knowing how the operator will use it.

It is well known that many providers of data and telephony packages have access to your call log, your geolocation and many private data that they use for political or commercial purposes since they can even sell your personal information.

Common SIM cards come with several security holes that put users’ privacy at risk. Through your SIM, third parties can easily know your present and historical location and have access to your geolocation in real time. The provider keeps the history of all your calls and has control of all the data traffic that leaves your phone. As if that were not enough, the SIM card retains information about all your contacts, photos, videos and even financial data, even if you reset it to factory defaults it will still retain much of this information. And if you lose it, all you have to do is inform the provider so that they make a copy of your card and give it to you with your same IMEI, number and data. 

Not happy with this, they charge you for monthly plans with high rates, which you must pay on time and without fail, whether or not you have consumed all the data in your plan. 

Benefits of having an encrypted sim

Just as common SIMs are small infiltrators that put our privacy at risk, there are also other small allies that are responsible for protecting us and giving us a higher level of security, these are Encriptados  SIMs or encrypted SIMs.

By changing your common SIM card for an  encrypted SIM  you will be protecting your privacy and your anonymity. Encrypted Sims use state-of-the-art technology with the A5/1 algorithm and the IMEI / IMSI hiding and changing system that guarantees that all the information that you transmit from your phone and enter your phone will be encrypted. You can switch between multiple IMSIs, which makes it impossible to locate the origin of the connection. Additionally, your IMEI will also be hidden to prevent associating the SIM to a phone. You will be protected against interceptions or tracking since with this type of SIM it is impossible to locate you no matter where you are. 

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On the other hand,  encrypted SIM card providers  will offer you greater anonymity when purchasing it, you will not have contracts so your personal data will not be at risk of being manipulated by third parties and best of all, you can use it in almost anywhere in the world and pay for what you consume. Your data does not expire, so you can take as long as you want to consume it. 

Encrypted SIMs

The  Encrypted SIM  is the first SIM card that connects you anywhere and offers you the security and privacy you are looking for. It is a solution to one of the largest and most common security breaches in the world. Our goal is to provide you with total protection by having an additional layer of security, complete anonymity, no contract and no time limit on the consumption of your plan.

Having the  Encrypted SIM  means having a private network provider that will be in charge of providing you with security and guaranteeing you total anonymity, preventing your information from being manipulated, shared or sold. It also works in more than 200 countries around the world, guaranteeing a fast and stable connection. And as if that were not enough, it is compatible with all IOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry devices.

You will not be able to be identified, located or intervened. It is the ideal option to protect yourself and take your privacy to another level, if you combine it with  encrypted cell phones  and  encrypted applications  you ensure that all your information and communications will be 100% secure. 

At  encriptados.io  we take your privacy seriously.

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