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042 types of hackers

What types of hackers exist and how do they operate?

Hackers are flashy, intriguing, and mysterious characters. We have witnessed different individuals and groups that have wreaked havoc on the entire world throughout history. This is why cinema, television and the big production companies have created amazing series and movies based on these characters.

But, not all hackers move in the world of crime, under a hood and hiding in the dark with their computer. In fact, there are several types of hackers and today we want to tell you what they are.


1.  What is a hacker?
2.  What types of hackers exist?
3.  Take charge of your privacy with Encrypted

What is a hacker?

The term hacker has two meanings according to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (RAE), the first refers to a hacker who is a “person who illegally accesses third-party computer systems to appropriate or obtain secret information”. The second meaning refers to a computer expert who is in charge of security.

Clearly, most people associate the term hacker with that of cybercriminal, and this is due to the film industry that has always associated the term with a highly intelligent criminal who acts in the shadows and commits cybercrimes by attacking large companies. Of course, these are stories that have also happened in real life, but the truth is that just as there are malicious and harmful hackers, there are many others who are responsible for the cybersecurity of companies, political candidates, governments and entire nations.

What types of hackers are there?

Hackers are divided into two large groups, those who are dedicated to illegal activities and are also known as crackers, and those who are responsible for analyzing and finding bugs in systems and programs and thus being able to improve them. In order to differentiate them, cybersecurity experts began to classify them as “white hats” and “black hats” which translates white hats and gray hats. The terms originated from old western and cowboy movies where the heroes wore white hats and the villains black hats.

Later, other terms such as gray hats or gray hats began to be included. Let’s get to know each one and how they operate.

White Hat: White hat  hackers are individuals who adhere to ethics, they are also known as ethical hackers and commonly work for computer security companies or providing services to large companies to find security gaps or problems that may present a risk of security. cybersecurity.

Black Hat: Black hat  hackers, also known as crackers or cybercriminals, are those who make use of their skills to access unauthorized systems or networks in order to inflict some type of damage. Additionally, they steal identities, hijack information, clone cards or introduce viruses and malware to crash systems. They do all this in order to profit or favor a third party who pays them a good sum of money.

Gray Hat:  The gray hat hacker is a mixture of the previous two, he can do some illegal things but for positive purposes. For example, he can illegally break into company systems to identify faults and then offer his services to repair said faults, they are also known to illegally obtain relevant information and then disclose it to the public.

Blue Hat:  They are individuals who work in computer consultancies, they normally provide their services to test errors in systems or applications before they are released to the public.

Hacktivist:  This type of hacker is given its name by the term hacker and activist, they are people or groups that attack networks to present an ideological or political position or face a social problem. This is the case of the famous Anonymous group.

Newbies:  This is the term given to novices, to those characters who are just starting out in the world of hacking.

As you can see, the digital world is made up of multiple people and hackers branch out into different types, where there are many who do not have good intentions. This is why it is increasingly important to have secure systems that protect our data and our personal information.

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