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What is Vishing, the scam on phone calls that is increasing among cybercriminals?

Vishing is an aspect of phishing where the criminal impersonates the identity using calls, voice messages or even video calls.

Vishing is the term that has been given to the new form of scam based on social engineering, by which the attacker communicates with his victim by means of a call, posing as someone else, usually bank or company personnel, with the purpose of convincing the user to provide personal and sensitive data.


  1. What is the scam mechanism with Vishing?
  2. How to prevent being a victim of Vishing?
  3. Use an Encrypted Sim Card or Secure Applications

The term Vishing is given by a combination of the word voice, since the criminal makes use of his voice, and phishing, which, as we already know, refers to identity theft scams.

What is the scam mechanism with Vishing?

The scam begins when the attacker calls or sends a voice message to the victim posing as someone else, telling them that they have won a bonus and that to claim it they must provide certain information or even telling them that they are from the bank and that they must verify by asking for confidential information, such as, passwords. If the attacker manages to convince the victim, he will obtain information that will allow him to steal money, request credit, access accounts, social networks or emails, leading to countless other crimes.

How to prevent being a victim of Vishing?

To prevent being victims of this type of scam, the first thing to do is to be wary of any call or voice message when it comes from a stranger and ask, inquire and not deliver any confidential information until we are sure. It must be taken into account that banks will never request information such as keys, passwords or access to bank accounts.

In case you receive a call and you are not sure of its origin or its veracity, the ideal is to call the bank directly to corroborate the information, you should not fall into the eagerness or naivety of delivering data and get entangled in the tricks used by criminals to seduce the victim.

Use an Encrypted Sim Card or Secure Applications

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