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What is PGP technology and why should you use it?

Communications over the Internet have become an intrinsic act of humanity, and it is PGP technology that allows these conversations to be kept secure.

Developed by the American Phil Zimmermann in 1991, PGP technology remains to  this day the most widely used and secure cryptographic system in the world.  We tell you everything you need to know about her.


  1. What is PGP in computing?
  2. How does it work?
  3. What are the best PGP systems?
  4. Cell phones with PGP
  5. Messaging applications with PGP
  6. conclusion

According to a study by the digital firm  Loris Lewis Media ,   a total of 188 million emails are sent every minute through the network. In addition, it is estimated that the number of email users around the world is approximately 3.7 billion. So many emails, so many people, so much information, so  it is not unreasonable to say that email is one of the main targets of cybercriminals.

It is common to think that in the digital age nothing is private, however, this premise has been losing ground thanks to a technology called ” encryption”.  This is the main and most effective way to protect the security of Internet communications.

So what is PGP?

PGP or Pretty Good Privacy is an encryption software that provides privacy, security and authentication to all the conversations that we carry out through the Internet. It is used to  encrypt, decrypt and sign messages sent by email  making it impossible for third parties to view or extract the content.

How does it work?

It can become a bit complex to explain how it works, but here we will try to summarize it: PGP uses the  public key cryptography method . This method generates two keys for sending messages: One key is  public  and can be sent to anyone through unsecured channels, the other key is  private  and must be kept safe by the owner.

This is the process: before starting the secret communication, each person must get the public key of the other, now, suppose that person A wants to send an email to person B, person A uses the public key of person B to encrypt your message, once encrypted, only person B’s private key will be able to decrypt the message. Obviously it is necessary that both people use PGP programs.

What are the best PGP systems?

In reality there are no better or worse PGP systems, it all depends on the company behind the development of the application, however, it is necessary to clarify that there are companies that have PGP emails but few are considered safe. This is why each organization designs a  White List  of the domains they trust and it is in those domains where they insert this secure system.

Also here we show you some PGP technology options that you can choose to keep your conversations completely secure.

Cell phones with Mail PGP

If what you are looking for is to have military-grade privacy,  it is best to buy encrypted cell phones that have an encrypted Mail, in this case, mobile phones such as  Encrypted ,  Ciphr ,  Ghost  and  Armadillo Phone  have PGP protocols with 4096-bit keys and AES encryption -256.

The keys are generated and stored only on the device, in this way, only the owner of the cell phone can access the copies of these. Also, it is important to know that secure email communication is not restricted to just PGP clients, you also have the option to send regular unencrypted emails to anyone.

Applications with Chat and Mail PGP

There are also  encrypted applications  that have the PGP system and which you can use so that your messages,  both chat and Mail,  are fully encrypted from end to end. Specialized applications such as  Exclu  or ProtonMail, store the keys on a secure server, so there is no way that third parties can decrypt and access your messages.


In a world where information is the greatest treasure of companies and individuals, it is important to recognize  the role that the PGP system has been playing, because today, more than ever, it is essential to have PGP programs that keep data completely private.

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