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What is crypto and why is it important to everyone?

Although it seems like a complex word, cryptography is simply the art of hiding information. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians used cryptography to prevent their military tactics from being intercepted.

Currently, banks, large companies, celebrities and ordinary people make use of  cryptography applied to the digital field  to protect their data. In this article we will explain how it works, what its features are and why we should all use it.


  1.   What is cryptography?
  2.   Characteristics of cryptography and how it works.
  3.   Why should we use crypto?
  4.   How to encrypt our communications?
  5.   conclusion

What is cryptography?

Cryptography is the science that uses methods and tools to encrypt information and encryption is the way it is encrypted and decrypted. It is important to note that both ‘encrypt’ and ‘encrypt’ are words with the same meaning.

Cryptography Characteristics

Cryptography can be divided into two techniques:

1) Symmetric encryption: It uses the same key to encrypt and decrypt the message, which must be previously known by both the sender and the receiver.

2) Asymmetric encryption: This method generates two keys for sending messages: One key is public and can be sent to anyone through insecure channels, the other key is private and the owner must keep it safe.

We will explain  how asymmetric encryption works (most widely used)

This is the process: before starting the secret communication, each person must get the public key of the other, now, suppose that person A wants to send an email to person B, person A uses the public key of person B to encrypt your message, once encrypted, only person B’s private key will be able to decrypt the message.

Although it may seem that the private key could be discovered thanks to the public key, this is not the case. Complex algorithms are used to generate the keys, which are highly resistant to attacks by cybercriminals.

Why should we all use crypto?

Who would like to see their privacy violated? Information is the most precious asset of both companies and individuals, if it were to fall into the wrong hands it could trigger irreparable events.

It is common to think that the fact of knowing what you buy, where you move or what time you have your routines or other such basic aspects do not have a risk of being hacked, but in reality the opposite happens, your data can be extremely useful for many.

Let’s not go that far, the  free and  unencrypted  applications that we have on our mobile devices sell the information of millions of users around the world, when they are not governments, they are companies that buy them and then sell us their advertising.

How to encrypt our communications?

At  Encryptados  we have different devices and software specialized in encrypting both communications and information that travels through digital networks. As is the case with  encrypted cell phones ,  interception and hack-proof equipment that meets the highest encryption standards in the world.

Also, for you who use WhatsApp to talk about confidential and sensitive topics, we recommend using  encrypted instant messaging applications  to encrypt communications and information.  These apps guarantee that only the person you gave permission to access the data, no one else.


In computing, thanks to  cryptography , it is possible to carry out transactions, send confidential messages, private files and sensitive data without thinking that a hacker can read them. In fact, if that intruder were to even access the communication, the complex mathematics of cryptography would mean that all he saw was a bunch of meaningless numbers and letters. That is the magic of crypto. Don’t think about it anymore and start protecting your information.

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