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The importance of encryption in organizations encriptados

The importance of encryption in organizations

Communication and encryption are two concepts that go hand in hand. Perhaps the term  encrypted  or  encryption  sounds recent or unknown, but in reality it has been a mechanism that accompanies the need to communicate since humanity began to use language. And it is that since ancient times people have sought strategies that allow them to transmit a message to a recipient without third parties having access to it. Previously signs, symbols, codes, riddles and other gadgets were used that allowed no intruder to have access to confidential information. It is well known that World War II was one of the most important scenarios where  cryptography played a key role in military communication strategies through the famous machine called “Enigma”, which was responsible for encrypting the information used by the German military forces. 

Thus, encrypting a message has become a basic necessity when transmitting private messages, more so in this era where our data is so exposed, where cybercriminals are lurking day after day and cyber attacks are the daily bread for organizations and people from all over the world. This is why, whatever the size of an organization, encrypting its information is a main need and almost an obligation.


  1. Information the most precious asset 
  2. Why should my company encrypt information?
  3. Protect your company’s data and information with encryption

information the most precious asset

Today information is humanity’s most precious asset and data management has become an industry more powerful than oil. Companies like Google, Facebook or Amazon have proven to be the most powerful worldwide and the most influential in politics, the economy and society, this is because they have access to all the personal information of millions of people and companies around the world. world. Unfortunately, recent years have shown us that this data has not been used in the best way, on the contrary, it has been obtained, marketed and manipulated without law and without scruples, putting the privacy of companies and individuals at risk. 

On the other hand, cybercrime has become a more profitable “business” than drug trafficking itself and the rates of computer attacks grow overwhelmingly day after day, where the main victims are the companies, presenting annual losses of up to 12,000 million dollars due to Cybercrime.

Why should my company encrypt information?

Regardless of the size of your company, data encryption should be a priority if you want to protect your information and keep all your movements private. 

Large, medium and small companies from all over the world have been victims of cyberattacks, Sony, Twitter or the Pentagon itself have been some of the most notorious victims. In Latin America alone, the onslaught of hackers seeking to access a company’s confidential information is around 6,600,000 per day alone, it is a chilling and alarming figure. Perhaps right now your company may be trying to be hacked and you don’t even know it. Of this magnitude is the risk that an organization runs that must handle data, figures, statistics, personnel information, accounting, projects, among many other aspects of companies.

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Imagine that your company is intervened by a cybercriminal, what will come after this will be a real torment, since the hacker will have at his disposal all the data of your company, he will be able to sell it, he will be able to delete it, he will be able to expose it or he will be able to ask the same organization a reward for returning them. The headache will not only be the money lost, it will be the time, the setback of the processes, the worry of knowing if it will happen again, the loss of prestige of your brand and many other aspects that can be avoided only by encrypting your information, protecting it and take care of her. 

By  encrypting  your business data you will gain peace of mind and reliability. You can be sure that everything that is communicated within the organization will only be received by the person who should receive the information without intermediaries or security breaches. It will make your company stand out from the competition, it will protect the personal information of your employees and it will keep safe all the accounting and any project or work that the company develops without fear of losing it or being plagiarized. 

Protect your company’s data and information with encryption

Fortunately, nowadays it is not so complicated to encrypt the private data and information of an organization, there are different tools and solutions that will allow you to do it.

In  encryptados.io  you will be able to find the best security for your company with  encrypted cell phones , encrypted applications or our  ENCRYPTED SIM  that guarantees you and your organization, security in the handling of information, so you can work calmly and confidently. 

Take the security and privacy of your company to another level with  Encrypted.

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