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The importance of cybersecurity in law firms encriptados

The importance of cybersecurity in law firms

Now more than ever, law firms must have cybersecurity systems that strengthen trust between lawyers and clients.

In the age of digitization, cybersecurity risks have become an increasingly worrying vulnerability for lawyers . In this article we will see what the most common threats are and how to avoid them.


  1. What are the most common threats?
  2. How to avoid these threats?
  3. important tips
  4. conclusion

Allen Grubman ‘The Lawyer to the Stars’, is known for being the legal representative of entertainment figures such as Madonna, Elton John, Lady Gaga, among others. Not more than 15 days ago, his firm  Grubman Shire Meseilas & Sacks  was hacked by cybercriminals who  encrypted all the company’s systems, rendering them useless. They  also claim to have 756 gigabytes of data, including contracts and emails. The attackers demand $42 million dollars for returning the information. Would you be prepared to pay such a sum?

Attacks like this one, called ‘Ransomware’, happen every day causing thousands of companies to go bankrupt.

So what are the most common threats?

Spyware:  This is a program that is installed on your computer through fraudulent applications. Its purpose is to spy and collect information from the user or organization.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks:  This type of attack goes straight to your website. The program sends out thousands of requests in an attempt to overwhelm the site and render it inaccessible.

Phishing:  A method cybercriminals use to trick people into revealing personal information, such as passwords, credit card details, and bank account numbers. They do this by sending fraudulent emails.

Ransomware:  Access your computer and encrypt all data. When you try to open them, a warning appears informing you that you have been a victim of the attack, and how you should proceed to pay the ransom.

How to avoid these threats?

Fortunately, there are different options to counter attacks on the network, from basic actions such as periodically changing your passwords, to obtaining  specialized digital security devices or applications. Here are some solutions:

encrypted apps

It is important that confidential data remain private and within the company, that is why solutions such as  Threema.Work  are born , secure instant messaging applications where lawyers can make calls, share videos, photos, documents and have protected chats and fully end-to-end encrypted.

encrypted devices

However, if what you are looking for is totally secure, impenetrable, easy and fast communication, it is best to buy encrypted cell phones that have storage trunks and encrypted chats,  in which we use Multiple layers of security to ensure that what’s private stays private.

Important tips:

Wireless networks:  Most devices are connected to company WiFi networks. It is important to always encrypt the wireless network correctly, that is, use strong and complex passwords.

Make backup copies : Through reliable hardware or software you can make copies of all your information.

Security updates : ALL devices and other computer equipment must be updated to the latest versions and with all security patches provided by the manufacturers.


In this globalized world, it is more necessary than luxury to have cybersecurity systems in law firms. We have already seen how these crimes are increasingly damaging businesses around the world. Adopting a digital culture  accompanied by secure tools will avoid many problems for your firm.

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Lawyers are obligated to protect their clients’ trust, and clients demand that law firms have policies to ensure their privacy. With this guide you will be able to:

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