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The data on cybersecurity that leaves 2020 in Latin America

2020 is slowly falling behind, however we are far from having a different and normal panorama. Last year left us habits and behaviors from a time that will mark history, when the covid 19 pandemic took us off base and caused a revolution throughout the world, impacting all fields and disciplines. 


  1. Cybersecurity in 2020
  2. Important cybersecurity data left by 2020 for Latin America
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Cybersecurity in 2020

Cybersecurity was one of the most involved sectors during 2020, taking relevance and playing in favor of people and companies that implemented it and against those who did not, since cybercrime rates grew overwhelmingly during the previous year, since hackers took advantage of all the contingency and the little preparation that companies had to migrate to the digital world.

That is why in this article, we present the most interesting data that 2020 left us in terms of cybersecurity and that are taken from important analyzes carried out by international cybersecurity companies such as ESET, Verizon, IBM and even the FBI itself.

Important cybersecurity data left by 2020 for Latin America

  • 60% of people in Latin America consider that they have little knowledge of cybersecurity issues
  • 3 out of 4 people have lost either information or money due to not knowing how to make a backup or not giving it importance
  • 56% of users believe that their personal information is not sufficiently protected
  • Only about 17% of companies in all of Latin America use double factor authentication to provide security to their processes. Incredible true?
  • 1 in 3 companies in Latin America reported having been the victim of a virus or malicious code during 2020 
  • At a global level, there is an average time of 280 days to detect and contain a security breach in an organization, in Latin America we are a little further behind in cybersecurity, since the time can be more or less 330 days.
  • The most common cybersecurity issues were related to cloud configuration failures, stolen credentials, exploitation and extortion, and phishing. 
  • 52% of cybersecurity issues were due to malicious attacks or ransomware, followed by 23% due to human error. 
  • 70% of the attacks on companies were perpetrated by people outside the company, however in 30% of the cases, internal perpetrators or accomplices were involved in computer crimes
  • In 2020 there was an increase in reports of attacks and cyber attacks of nearly 400% compared to 2019, an overwhelming figure that has the authorities of each country on alert. 
  • DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service Attack) increased by more than 150% during the first half of 2020
  • More than 70% of users claimed to read or fall into a fake news related to Covid-19 during 2020
  • 42% of people consider that their company or the company they work for was not prepared to face teleworking with sufficient knowledge of computer security
  • 61% of users believe that their passwords are not secure enough, yet they do not change them.
  • 123456 is the most used password in 2020 with more than two and a half million users worldwide. We’re making it pretty easy for hackers, don’t you think?
  • Every day about 95 million attacks or attempted attacks on digital applications can be recorded. 
  • 40% of people worldwide have financial mobile applications on their cell phones, such as banking apps and other types, however, less than half have some security software installed on their cell phones. 
  • With this balance, 2020 leaves, leaving figures that are not very encouraging, we hope that in 2021 we will have learned from this and the figures will turn in favor of cybersecurity and the protection of our data. 

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