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The Dangers of Public WiFi

Airports, shopping malls, restaurants, gyms and many other places are the ones that have public WiFi networks that aim to offer us internet access from our  cell phones  or devices, when we don’t have data, we ran out or we simply want to save a little of the consumption of our plan. 

In our eagerness, ignorance or perhaps little importance, we do not stop to think about the dangers or risks that we run when connecting to a public WiFi network and understand that by doing so, we are opening the doors of our personal information to cybercriminals. 


  1. How do public WiFi networks work?
  2. What are the risks we run when connecting to a public WiFI?
  3. How to protect ourselves?


Public WiFi works similar to what we commonly have in our homes. There is an entry point that captures the signal and what it seeks is to distribute it in a radius of space as wide as possible, where throughout the place we find different receivers that are responsible for perceiving the signal and trying to keep it as stable as possible to be able to have good connections. The speed and stability may vary according to the capacity, the size of the space or the number of devices that connect to said network. Connecting is as easy as looking for the WiFi icon on our cell phone, computer or tablet and choosing the name of the network. And although we may think that we are having some economic advantage by accessing this network, the disadvantages in terms of security are much greater.


There are many risks when connecting to this type of network since all our data travels openly through the network, which makes it exposed for hackers to use strategies to access and steal said information.

One of the most common techniques in the world is known as  “Man in the Middle”  or “Man of the Middle”. This modality consists of the use of 3 devices, the first is the personal device of the victim, another is the public server to which it is connected and finally the hacker’s device who is located in the middle of the two and from there comes the name of The technique. By being in the middle, it will have access to all data and movements and will be able to steal passwords, access your accounts, install malware or steal all kinds of information. 

Another commonly used technique is to create a fake access point but with the same name as the real one. Once the victim connects to this network, the cybercriminal will gain access to all the victim’s personal data and will be able to access, manipulate or even install some kind of malware. In some cases, even when connecting to this network, the hacker can take the victim to false web pages such as the bank’s, which may seem identical to the original but in reality it is not, and when entering the username and password, all the money will easily disappear.

In the most extreme cases, it has been seen how the cybercriminal gains full control of the device and can even obtain files such as photos, videos, chats and personal information.


If you have no other option but to use this type of network, the recommendation is to only use it for simple errands, never to make a transaction or any type of operation that involves your personal data or passwords. However, if what you are looking for is total protection, it is best not to access these points and it is better to opt for more secure options. 

At  encrypted.io  we have a new  Encrypted Sim  that will allow you to communicate, browse, chat, make transactions or send emails from anywhere in the world without the need to access a public WiFi network and with exceptional rates. You will not have to worry about your information being intervened by third parties since all your data will be  encrypted . 

You can also make use of encrypted applications such as  Threema.Work ,  Exclu ,  SilentCircle ,  Wikcr  or  Sikur , to add much more security to your communications and movements on the web and keep in touch with family and friends.

And if what you are looking for is complete protection, the best option is to have an  encrypted cell phone  that ensures that your information will be fully encrypted and secure without any risk of being intervened. 

Thinking about your security and the protection of your data must be a priority when all our information is on the web and at the mercy of cybercriminals. Learn  about encryptados.io  and start protecting your information with the best.

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