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NASA put a hidden message on Perseverance’s parachute

On February 18, the rover known as NASA’s Perseverance managed to successfully settle on the surface of Mars after a journey of 480 million kilometers that began in July 2020. For the landing, a parachute with white and red colors was used. red that was quite peculiar for different Internet users who, after analyzing it, managed to discover that it hid a secret code with a hidden message. Do you dare to decipher it?


  1. How is the code cracked?
  2. Other elements included in Perseverance
  3. Encrypted, communicate securely from anywhere in the world

The feat of the Perseverance rover continues to amaze the whole world. Since its arrival on the red planet on February 18, NASA has shared amazing and never-before-seen images and photographs of Mars. The landing event was broadcast live around the world and in different languages, becoming a historic milestone for humanity.

Millions of people from all over the world connected to watch the transmission and the Perseverance feat where some of the most analytical noticed something curious in the rover’s color pattern that did not seem like a simple coincidence or random design and They began to investigate and in a matter of a few hours they managed to decipher the hidden message in the parachute: “Dare Mighty Things” or “Dare to powerful things” in Spanish. 

How is the code cracked?

The Perseverance parachute was designed with concentric circles separating 4 sections. In turn, each of these four sections was divided into a total of 80 subsections, similar to a dartboard. Each of these subsections were colored red or white, being two colors it was a binary code. All this was devised by NASA systems engineer Ian Clark, a fan of crossword puzzles and who had the idea of ​​taking advantage of the opportunity to have fun with Internet users and at the same time give a powerful message. 

Several of the netizens discovered the message and one of them explained “Each binary number (those with only 0 and 1) corresponds to a position of the letter of the alphabet, starting with 1″. Then following that code the phrase is formed. Then, a coordinate appears that is the address of the laboratory in California.”

Before the landing, only about 6 people from the team knew the message, however, only a few hours later and thanks to Internet users, the phrase went around the world. 

The phrase “Dare to powerful things” is also related to former US President Theodore Roosevelt who mentioned it in a speech in April 1899 and is the motto or mantra used at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California, USA. .USA

Did you notice that there was something hidden in the parachute? Encryption is everywhere and with this NASA has demonstrated its use, its importance and also that it can also be fun. 

Other elements included in Perseverance

Apart from the message on the parachute, the Perseverance rover carries with it some other symbolic things. One of them is a plaque in honor of workers in the health sector that bears the image of a snake wrapped in a cane. NASA wanted to pay tribute to the people who have been at the forefront of the pandemic caring for and helping the entire population. 

The Perseverance also carried the names of nearly 11 million people within 3 microchips. The names were chosen through the “Send your name to Mars” campaign. Also included in the microchips are 155 essays by students who participated in a contest with the same name as the rover and who managed to reach the final where the winner was Alex Mather, a 13-year-old boy from Virginia.

In addition to these symbolic elements, the Perseverance also has some additions that have special functions, such as the MastCam-Z, a set of cameras that is used to take high-definition photographs on Mars and that in its structure carries images of the first forms of life on Earth, a dinosaur, cyanobacteria, a fern and the silhouette of a man and a woman accompanied by another phrase #Two Words, one beginning” or “Two worlds, one beginning”.

What do you think of all the encrypted information around Perseverance? It’s quite interesting.

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