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Messaging Apps. How do they compromise your privacy and use your data?

Today all our information and communications travel from one user to another through messaging apps, which, although they are quite useful for talking in real time with family, friends or contacts in general, are also quite insecure and dangerous since In the end, what they seek is to collect data and compromise sensitive user information.


1. A misconception of privacy and security.

2. Encrypted Apps. A safer and more reliable alternative.

3. Best encrypted apps on the market.

The most used messaging applications in the world are clearly: WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal, however, at the same time they are the most insecure. Why? First of all, since they are the apps with the most users, they become a perfect niche for hackers to scam and commit crimes, and additionally, this type of application seeks to store data and learn about the user, their behavior, their interests, and connection times in order to to offer other related products and in many cases, the information they collect is sold or exchanged with other companies.

A misconception of privacy and security

As human beings we are easy to convince and manipulate, and this is what big companies do best. We have been told that our app has end-to-end encrypted chat, that communications are secure, and that our chats are protected. However, there is nothing further from reality, the end-to-end encryption used by conventional messaging applications is quite basic and easy for a criminal to hack, additionally, the privacy policies used by these types of applications are quite harmful to the user, who is forced to accept them in order to use the app. Our information is being stored, tabulated, sold and used for many purposes that only make large companies more millions. From here comes the quote “Nowadays the information industry is a much more profitable business than oil”.

Messaging Apps. How do they compromise your privacy and use your data?

Encrypted Applications. A safer and more reliable alternative.

Not all messaging apps are the same, there is no doubt that we need apps that help us communicate, but we must be aware of which are the best to protect our privacy, this is where encrypted applications come in. Well, what is the difference? This is basically that an encrypted application has stronger encryption protocols that are more difficult to hack, as well as strict privacy policies that benefit the user. Also, they are apps that come with innovative features that seek to protect information and the confidentiality of chats, such as remote deletion, self-destruction of chats, a secure vault, and even secure calls and video calls.

Best encrypted apps on the market

There are several alternatives on the market more secure than WhatsApp or Telegram, some free and some at a low cost, but without a doubt much more reliable and private. These apps have features such as remote deletion of chats, the option to hide the app behind a fake icon like the calculator, the self-destruction of messages, among many other interesting features that will give the user a better experience.

At Encriptados.io We have studied in detail which are the most secure applications to offer our users and that is why we have the most reliable and private options on the market.

Within our catalog you will be able to get applications such as Silent Phone, Threema, Armadillo Chat, Vault Chat, SecureCrypt and many more. Highly reliable applications that will give all your communications the certainty you want and need..

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