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Meet some of the most secure encrypted messaging applications in the world

Not only are there  encrypted cell phones  and computers, we now find  encrypted messaging applications that respond to the need for privacy and secure communications.

In this article we will show you the main features of encrypted apps and what are the advantages of having them.


  1. What is an encrypted messaging app?
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  4. Exclude Messenger
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When we talk about instant messaging, we are referring to the well-known platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, which,  according to data from Hootsuite and “We Are Social” , have more than 2.5 billion active users. Sounds like the perfect place for hackers, right? However, many of us are unaware that there are other alternatives that can provide us with a broader level of certainty in terms of having our information protected; Wickr Pro ,  Exclu  or  Threema.Work  are different options specialized in cybersecurity  that are available for both Apple and Android users.

What is an encrypted messaging app?

They are digital platforms that allow us to communicate by sending secure messages. Now, when we talk about  encrypted messaging it is important to know the term “End-to-End Encryption” , in a nutshell, this means that the messages are protected and guarantees that no one, apart from you and the person you are talking to, can decrypt the message.

Good news: Applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram have this functionality.

Bad news: Although they assure you that your conversations are private, the collection of metadata continues, that is, the large companies behind these brands continue to obtain information, for example, from your cell phone number, your contacts or your location.

And what about encrypted messaging apps like Wickr Pro, Exclu or Threema.Work? Here we are going to explain  what makes them different and what their main characteristics are.


Wickr is an American software company developer of Wickr Me (For personal use)  Wickr Pro  (For companies and businesses). Both offer features like messaging, video calls, photo sharing, and synchronization between devices.

If your organization manages large amounts of information, confidential data or sensitive material, Wickr Pro would be a very good choice, since it allows, for example, to create secure rooms, send encrypted files of up to 5 GB, establish expiration times for messages and Receive notifications when one of your contacts screenshots the chat.

It has end-to-end encryption, and in addition, the application eliminates the metadata of the communication that travels through its network, which translates into greater privacy for companies.

Its creator, and here we leave you a curious fact, was a hacker who decided to take the path of legality, will he know all the tricks of cybercriminals?


Threema is an end-to-end encrypted messaging app developed by a Swiss company. One of the most striking features is that, when you start it, it will assign us an anonymous code, that is, it does not need our mobile number to work: the company will never know who you are.

With Threema.Work you can make calls, share videos, photos and locations, confidential chats can be hidden and protected by creating passwords using a PIN or fingerprint. It is also a good alternative for companies since it allows you to create groups of up to 100 users. On its official page you can read “We provide a level of security, metadata restriction and confidentiality in all your messages.”

His track record works in his favour, as in 2015 Google Play recognized Threema by placing it on the prestigious list of the best Android apps.

Exclude Messenger

Developed in the Netherlands, it is an instant messaging application that integrates the most secure and sophisticated encryption protocols, guaranteeing data security. Receive regular updates, improving and keeping up with the latest developments.

Some of its main features is that it handles  flash messages , these types of messages disappear after a period of time. You can add personal notes to each contact and its encrypted call system has different features such as muting or speakerphone.

Its main attraction is in the Vaul option (Storage Vault) which will keep your files encrypted safely. The app also features brute force protection to ensure the safety of your files.


It is important to emphasize that there is no one better than the other, what is certain is that applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger lack computer security systems that make them more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Programs like Wickr Pro or Threema. Work, brands specialized in encryption technology, will provide you with higher levels of security, protecting your data and that of your company.

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