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Meet OneSearch, the encrypted search engine that protects your information

Day after day, more data and evidence come to light of how our personal and private information is manipulated online by unscrupulous companies and third parties. Companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon and many others use our personal information for unethical purposes ranging from sales and marketing to political and military influence. The biggest deception is that they tell us that they are totally free services, of course, they may not charge you a penny for using their platforms, but it is because behind everything, they are trafficking something much more valuable than money itself, our personal information.

Among all this digital world corrupted by the power that information brings, there are some alternatives that seek to side with the user and offer better security guarantees. This is the case of OneSearch, a new search engine that encrypts the words you use to perform your searches, self-destructs them in an hour and has no tracking features.


  1. Introduction
  2. Get to know OneSearch
  3. Improve your communications with encryption


Information is a profitable business, today we could say that it is more profitable than oil. It is an unlimited source of money and above all power. We tend to be naive and think that large companies providing free services live on advertising, of course, this is surely a good source of income, but it is nothing more than a useful facade to hide what really happens behind the screens of our computers and mobile devices.

The power falls on those who have knowledge and what knowledge offers is information, therefore, whoever has access to the largest source of information and knows how to take advantage of it, is the one who will have the power of the world, this is what happens with the great companies on the internet, such as social networks or search engines. They have unlimited access to millions and millions of people around the world, they know where they live, what they like, what they don’t like, what they look for and how they behave. This offers incredible power with thousands of possibilities. It has been shown in various documents, files, and even documentaries, how companies like Facebook or Google have manipulated the information of their users. Without realizing it, we are being puppets that are manipulated and where we are no longer fully in control of our decisions. Every day there are more users who “wake up” and want to start protecting themselves and taking care of their private information and luckily, not everything on the network is bad, there are many good things, but it’s up to us to know how to use them. Among these good tools we find a new encrypted search engine that will surely offer you much more protection and privacy, it is OneSearch.

Get to know OneSearch

OneSearch  is a search engine created by the Verizon company and is based on Bing, which means that searches are carried out with Bing but offering a higher security and privacy layer. 

OneSearch  differentiates itself by not using cookies, not tracking searches and not sharing any user data with advertisers, which other search engines do. Also, it does not save a search history and does not filter results. In itself, these are already very good features for a search engine, but there is even more,  OneSearch  encrypts all searches and contains a functionality called “Advanced Private Mode” that encrypts the search words in the URL, and self-destructs the link in the list of results after an hour.

This functionality is quite interesting and useful for example when several people must use the same computer or when you want to share a search link with another person and you want to be sure that it can be destroyed an hour later without leaving any trace.

But, based on what we have told you, you may be wondering and distrusting how this search engine is financed. Well, it turns out that  OneSearch  has two sources of financing, the first is based on the advertising that appears according to the keyword you are looking for, but be careful, this does not mean that it is tracking or monitoring you, as we said,  OneSearch  does not sell these data, does not share it with advertisers and does not save your keywords in cookies. 

The other financing pillar is based on a payment method aimed mainly at companies so that they integrate this search engine into their web pages, virtual stores, intranet or servers.

With all these features, we can find an interesting search engine that offers an alternative to people who are interested in protecting their information. If you are interested, we invite you to meet him. And if what you are looking for is a greater degree of protection in your communications, the ideal option is  Encrypted .

Improve your communications with encryption

At  Encryptados.io  we are committed to improving the security of our users’ communications. In our solutions you can find alternatives that fit every need such as  Encrypted Cell Phones ,  Encrypted Sim  or  encrypted applications . You will be 100% secure and will keep your information safe from third parties. 

Start protecting yourself and taking care of one of your most precious assets. Your personal information.

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