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Media and journalists How to strengthen your cybersecurity?

Hackers, specialized companies and even governments have violated the cybersecurity of thousands of journalists and media outlets around the world. 

Fortunately, there are  different tools that help journalists to strengthen their computer security.  Which are? What are its advantages? Where to find them? These are some of the questions we will answer in this article.


  1. How to strengthen the free exercise of the press in the cyber world?
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Today, where most of the journalistic process is done through the Internet,  it is more than mandatory to have encryption systems that protect investigations, data, file sharing and even phone calls.

Cybercriminals can attack in many ways: from trying to hijack information and asking for a reward in return,  to censoring or removing it entirely.

Some of the most notorious cases in Colombia have been, for example, those exposed by the Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP) in its article  “Digital media have been victims of attacks after denouncing the Odebrecht scandal” , where they affirm that the communication media  Cuestión Pública  and  La Nueva Prensa  began to receive attacks on their website after publishing information related to corruption in the “La Ruta del Sol” project.

And it is that, in these times, where communicators are being watched by different institutions,  encrypted devices and applications will be essential to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

How to strengthen the free exercise of the press in the cyber world?

Right now, when most jobs are being done from home, with computers that do not comply with even the slightest security protocol (an antivirus, at least), more doors are being opened so that hackers can steal data. Information is the holy grail of journalists. What would happen then if it fell into the wrong hands? Fortunately, there are different platforms and teams that are helping to increase the level of cybersecurity in the media.


The media can equip their journalists with  encrypted applications , solutions such as  SilentCircle ,  a program specialized in corporate privacy that can be downloaded directly from the AppStore and PlayStore. With this software, chats, voice notes and calls will always be secured with end-to-end encryption. It allows creating groups and videoconferences in which files of up to 100 MB can be sent. Its reputation is intact, Silent Circle has maintained a leading position in the industry thanks to its strict  no backdoor policy, that is, the information is not stored on any server, it  remains in your hands and their hands only.


However, if communicators are looking for solutions that solve the problem of privacy from the root, the best option would be to acquire  encrypted cell phones . For example, with our Encrypted X1 mobile   calls, video calls, photos, documents, emails and chats will be  completely encrypted . We periodically develop  additional layers of security, making the theft of information impossible, this guarantees a private communication and beyond the reach of any espionage attempt. It has an easy and fast interface to handle and features such as remote deletion or panic button, which will keep the data stored even if the user is stolen or kidnapped. Perhaps its greatest attraction is that it supports external applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram.


It is therefore essential that the media dedicate resources and train journalists on how to detect and manage attacks on their cybersecurity. Having secure Wi-Fi networks, strong passwords, and tools with encryption technology will make the job of hackers more difficult.

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