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KYC Identity Verification, What is it and what’s its importance?

Would you lend money to a person you just met? Would you let anyone into your house? Would you hire an employee in your business without knowing his previous career? Probably not, and so you can understand why knowing a person’s identity is important. 

Biometric technology has been making significant progress in the world of digital security, being an important piece to greatly reduce cybercrime in companies and organizations.

Why verify a person’s identity?

With the advancement of digital technology, transactions, payments, interactions, and contracts are increasingly done remotely, and people’s identities are more likely to be stolen. This not only affects the person who is the victim of identity theft, but also companies that are scammed by false identities or people with dubious histories. With identity verification, organizations or individuals who are going to hire a person for a service can be reassured of who they are hiring.

What is KYC?

Know Your Customer, also known by its acronym KYC, is a process that defines the relationship of companies with their users, so that the relationship is safe and reliable, guaranteeing compliance with the laws and regulations of each country. 

Fighting Phishing with KYC Verification Corporate

Fraud is constantly growing and impacting the economy around the world. According to recent studies, close to 50% of companies around the world have been victims of some type of fraud in the last 24 months. Being the financial and insurance sectors the most affected. 

With identity verification, companies will be able to protect themselves against theft, fraud and scams in a safe, fast and automated way. Making tedious and time-consuming manual processes a thing of the past.

Verify the identity of a person and the authenticity of a document in just seconds

With an identity verification system like ID Encriptados you can automatically check the authenticity and validity of any identity document in the world, be it a passport, driver’s license or national ID card, providing a seamless experience. 

You will be able to verify the validity of documents with local government databases and make sure that the people you interact with are real citizens, registered in the countries where you reside now and in the future.

ID Encriptados, easy and effective identity authentication

With ID Encriptados you will obtain speed, versatility, efficiency and automation. You will be able to perform a complete analysis of any ID in the world in less than 30 seconds in more than 30 languages ​​and with 96% verification efficiency on the first try.

You can automatically reject forged documents. We provide a complete picture of your contractors, clients or employees so you can make better decisions. ID Encriptados not only aggregates documents and biometric data for each user, but also performs additional checks through local and global government databases, blacklists, and third-party databases.

Before making a cryptocurrency transaction, or hiring a new contractor, send them an ID Encriptados that will guide them through their verification process. The person must follow a step by step where they will be asked to scan their document with the cell phone camera and a biometric capture will be carried out in photos or video. immediately our system will begin a safe and reliable verification process by crossing data and analyzing the document and the biometric data in different databases, yielding a 100% reliable result in real time.

Before letting someone into your home or business, make sure that it is a real and legal person, without tax records, false documents or suspicious activities. Meet ID Encriptados. We make trusting strangers easy.

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