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Know the most common cyber scams against teenagers

Cyberattacks do not stop, contrary to this, they are on the increase and added to the recent digital wave in which the pandemic has forced us to live, digital criminals have devised new strategies to attack different target audiences with greater precision, where Cyberattacks on young people and adolescents stand out. 

In this article we will tell you about the most common cyber scams against teenagers. 


  1. Main cyber scams against teenagers
  2. Protect yourself with Encryptados, experts in secure communications

Cybercriminals are constantly on the prowl and devising new mechanisms to attack and bring more and more victims into their networks. And one of their favorite targets is found in the population that spends the most hours surfing the internet, young people, that is why it is important to know how these criminal networks operate in order to know how to protect ourselves.

Main cyber scams against teenagers
Attacks on Social Networks

Young people stay connected and one of their favorite pastimes is to see, create and share content on social networks, this means that cybercriminals take advantage of it to launch some attacks through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others. 

One of the strategies is to publish or send links, fake news or seductive content to a young person so that they open it and enter a malicious link, where the victim can suffer a malware cyberattack and put personal data and information at risk. files you have on the device. 

Attractive discounts and promotions

A widely used way for cybercriminals is to capture the attention of young people with posts of fake flashy offers that pose as big brands. Once the victim falls and opens the link, they are taken to a false commerce portal, but which could look quite similar to the real one, there they will request data and even the victim will be able to make purchases with their card, leaving data such as bank passwords at the mercy of the hackers who will take the opportunity to embezzle accounts or make purchases on behalf of the young person.

fake scholarships

It has been known of this modality in which the attackers publish false scholarships or economic aid where they request a registration fee, which is only a scam to capture money since there is no real support or scholarship. 

Fake job offers

Cybercriminals have opted for this technique that is based on publishing tempting job offers, with good salaries, benefits and great guarantees, they are even published in real job boards and well-known portals in order to give greater credibility, but the truth is that a Once the person applies, the only thing they are looking for is to steal personal data that they will later use for other crimes such as identity theft. 

Love scams or false profiles

This is another technique widely used by criminals, where with false profiles within social networks or dating applications, they contact young people and create a digital approach in search of stealing personal data or requesting sums of money, it is also very common. extort money from victims in exchange for not publishing personal or intimate photos that have been exchanged in the chat. 

Thus, we must educate adolescents to be aware and responsible with the use of the Internet and social networks and in the same way young people adopt a culture of self-care so as not to fall into this type of trap. 

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