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Joker, the computer virus hidden in the PlayStore

The joker is an iconic character from comics and is one of the most famous villains within the cinematographic and science fiction universe. There are many fans who pay tribute to the character in costumes, articles and all kinds of merchandising. But some others seek to adopt the criminal, chaotic and malicious image of the famous joker. This is the case of the cybercriminals in charge of creating the recent computer virus called Joker, which hides in different applications from the Google PlayStore and which, like the popular clown, could wreak havoc on your mobile device. 


  1. What is Joker virus
  2. If you have one of these applications you may be at risk
  3. Protect yourself with encryption

What is the Joker virus?

This famous virus, named after Batman’s archenemy, is a malware or malicious program that is attacking Android devices or infecting them through the Google PlayStore. 

The cyberattack occurs when users download certain applications that at first glance are reliable and even have high ratings and good comments, but which in turn carry a malicious program to spy on and steal people’s personal data, mainly passwords and login details. credit cards that users may have registered within the PlayStore, which allows the hacker to steal money from victims without being noticed until it is too late. 

Due to the thousands of complaints and people affected by the virus, the Google team, Play Protect, took on the task of investigating different applications, finding the Joker virus in more than 1,700 applications that were removed from the store. However, experts say that the virus has spread so quickly and stealthily that today it is very difficult to determine with certainty the total number of applications that may be compromised.

The initial recommendation that is given is not to trust unreliable applications or that the comments look suspicious and made by bots, in the same way it is recommended not to install apps that promise to spy on WhatsApp or help you hack someone else’s WhatsApp because the Cybercriminals take advantage of this to install malicious viruses. 

If you have one of these applications you may be at risk

Among all the applications that were found to be infected by the famous joker malware, there is a top 16 that were some of the most downloaded and reported, some even with more than 100,000 downloads. This is why, if you have any of these apps on your mobile phone, it is important that you uninstall them as soon as possible.

  • All Good PDF Scanner
  • Mint Leaf Message-Your Private Message
  • Unique Keyboard – Fancy Fonts & Free Emoticons
  • Tangram AppLock
  • DirectMessenger
  • PrivateSMS
  • One Sentence Translator – Multifunctional Translator
  • Style Photo Collage
  • meticulous scanner
  • Desire Translate
  • Talent Photo Editor – Blur focus
  • caremessage
  • Part Message
  • Paper Doc Scanner
  • BlueScanner
  • Hummingbird PDF Converter – Photo to PDF

Improve your communications with encryption

At  Encriptados.io  we know the risks involved in having Google applications or IOs. All our products are designed to completely reduce security breaches in digital communications. It is time to start taking care of our personal information and our personal data. 

Get to know our solutions, you can have secure applications such as, Silent Circle, Threema.Work that will protect all your chats and the information you share. You can also purchase the Encrypted Sim that protects you from any type of interception or location and gives you total anonymity. Or you can opt for an encrypted cell phone that encrypts all your communications and offers you a higher level of protection that is impenetrable to any cybercriminal. In this world full of cyber villains like the Joker virus, we must put on the cape and protect our information with the best.

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