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Is it really safe to entrust our communications to Telegram encriptados

Is it really safe to entrust our communications to Telegram?

The new WhatsApp privacy policies have generated a number of reactions in which fear and alarmism predominate that many of our private data ends up in the hands of third parties, this revolution has made thousands of users turn to Telegram and its Download numbers have skyrocketed. 

But is it really reliable to deliver all the privacy of our communications to an application like Telegram?


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Privacy and messaging apps

Recently, Whatsapp, the messaging giant, renewed its privacy policies, saying that from February 8 it would be able to access data such as profile picture, phone number, transaction data, smartphone data, contacts, location and IP address among other aspects. This has undoubtedly generated quite a stir regarding the privacy of our data and has made many people opt for other applications such as Telegram or Signal.

However, cybersecurity experts consider that although Telegram or Signal may offer some improvements over Whastapp, their security and privacy are not as strong as they should be and as they say they are, in fact, one of Telegram’s latest features is quite risky. for privacy. What function are we talking about? We tell you.

Given the great demand that the application has been having and wanting to take advantage of this situation to deal forceful blows to its direct competition, Telegram has recently implemented the option to export our conversations, chats and contacts and pass them from one app to another. In this case, from WhatsApp to Telegram, something that has seemed great to the population, but what many do not know is that doing this is extremely risky for privacy. 

Both Whatsapp and Telegram use end-to-end encryption to protect chats so that no one apart from the sender and receiver can read these messages. It is an effective encryption but unfortunately very basic and poor for applications where sensitive information is circulating all the time. However, when we make backup copies and export data, these files are no longer secure and are exposed to the risk of falling into the hands of third parties or being intercepted while passing from one application to another. 

Making backup copies in cloud services such as Google or Apple causes the extreme end system to be canceled and the data is exposed, so it is recommended to make all backup copies on physical and protected devices such as personal computers, hard drives among others, and not in public clouds.

Trust Telegram?

Many people are migrating to the messaging platform without even knowing or researching how it works better. And it is that contrary to what is believed, Telegram is neither better nor worse than WhatsApp and it also implies risks for digital security. 

The risk of Telegram is that the platform is based on the cloud, since with the exception of “secret chats”, all Telegram messages are stored in the cloud, so even if we lose the smartphone, we can recover the chats , which means that the end-to-end encryption is actually less strong and robust than WhatsApp or Signal itself. In these last two the data passes from one mobile to another without anyone else being able to see it, however in Telegram it works differently, the messages go from the sender’s mobile to the Telegram server and then to the receiver’s mobile.

Doesn’t sound so interesting now does it? And it is that although Telegram defends itself arguing that its cloud is much safer than Apple or Google, the truth is that any process that implies that our messages go through a server or a cloud will always imply a cybersecurity risk. So we must ask ourselves, is it really safe to trust our communications to Telegram? knowing that far from obtaining more protection than WhatsApp we are going to reduce our level of security. 

Meet the safest applications in Encrypted 

At  Encriptados.io  we have the most secure messaging applications in the world, which will offer you unparalleled security and privacy. You will have all your data encrypted and even your video calls and voice notes will be 100% secure. All your information will be protected under strict privacy policies. 

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