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International Encrypted Encrypted Chip. A safe, versatile and economical option

Staying in touch with family, friends or clients is more than a necessity when traveling to another country or continent. However, sometimes it is quite tedious and complicated, which leads us to resort to high roaming costs or dangerous and insecure public WiFi networks in airports or hotels, not knowing that we may be risking our personal data. It is for this reason that the best option to stay connected at all times and places is to have an International Encrypted Chip. 


  1. Let’s say goodbye to Roaming and public Wi-Fi
  2. What is an International Encrypted Chip
  3. How an International Encrypted Chip works
  4. Meet the International Chip Encryption of Encryptados.io

Let’s say goodbye to Roaming and public Wi-Fi

When traveling it is normal to resort to public WiFi networks in airports, hotels or shopping centers, however, we overlook how dangerous these types of connections are, since our data travels freely on the network making it quite simple to a cybercriminal to intercept communications or steal personal or financial information, additionally, one of the techniques most used by hackers consists of creating false Wi-Fi networks with the name of the same shopping center, airport or restaurant, so that once the user is connect to that network, the data is stolen. 

What is an International Encrypted Chip

An International Encrypted Chip is a state-of-the-art Sim card that integrates advanced cybersecurity protocols to keep all phone communications private, secure and encrypted. In addition to this, it works all over the world offering connectivity, economy and anonymity. You will not be able to be located, intervened or hacked no matter where you are.

How an International Encrypted Chip works

An encrypted international Chip works in more than 200 countries in the world without the need to alternate with other cards, in addition, it encrypts all the data that enters and leaves the device, keeping all communications secure. Additionally, it has the IMEI/IMSI hiding system that makes it impossible to associate the chip to a phone and therefore to a user, this will provide an incomparable degree of security and will also make it impossible to locate or locate the origin of the data or calls no matter where you are in the world. 

On the other hand, all connections to the network will be protected so that no malicious third party can access or interpret them, giving the user protection and confidence when accessing the Internet and making any inquiries or even banking transactions. 

A point to highlight is its practicality and ease, since to acquire it you do not have to provide personal data or sign contracts, nor will there be cut-off dates or data expiration. What makes it an infallible ally when it comes to travel since you will only pay for what is consumed.

Meet the International Encryption Chip of Encriptados.io
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The  International Encrypted Encrypted Chip  or also known as  Encrypted Sim Card , is an ultra secure chip that works in more than 200 countries offering security, privacy, connectivity and total anonymity.

It is compatible with any Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry device, in the same way with any tablet or router. In addition, you can purchase it with your favorite payment method, including cryptocurrencies.

Acquire your  encrypted international Chip Encrypted  and travel with peace of mind anywhere in the world.

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