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How to Prevent Ransomware: Strategies to Keep Your Files Safe

Ransomware is one of the threats that affects the most people and companies around the world. How can we start protecting ourselves and keeping our files safe?


1. What is Ransomware?

2. How does Ransomware work?

3. How to prevent Ransomware?

4. Encriptados protects you against Malwares.

What is Ransomware?

It is a type of malware that encrypts your files and demands a ransom to recover them. It is a persistent and dangerous threat that can affect individuals and businesses alike.

How does Ransomware work?

Before we dive into strategies to prevent Ransomware, it is crucial to understand how a Ransomware attack works. The process usually goes like this:

Infection: Ransomware usually enters your device through malicious emails, unsafe downloads or software vulnerabilities. Once inside, it runs on your system.

File Encryption: Once active, the Ransomware encrypts your files so that they become inaccessible. It uses an encryption key that only the hackers have.

Rescue: After encrypting your files, attackers send you a message demanding a ransom, usually in Cryptocurrency. They promise to provide you with the key to decrypt your files if you pay.

Extortion: If you pay the ransom, the attackers may or may not provide you with the key. In some cases, they ask for more money or never even give you access to your files, and you are exposed to continued extortion.

How to prevent Ransomware?

Let’s dive into strategies to prevent ransomware and keep your files safe:

Keep Software Updated: Regularly update your operating system and programs. Cybercriminals often exploit unpatched vulnerabilities.

Be careful with emails and links: Don’t open suspicious emails or click on unverified links. Phishing is a common way to distribute ransomware.

Use Reliable Security Softwares: Install and update reliable antivirus and antimalware softwares that can detect and block ransomware.

Make Regular Backups: Backup your important files to external devices or cloud storage services. Make sure backups are automatic and regular as much as possible.

Configure a Firewall: Use a firewall to block unauthorized traffic and control applications that can access the Internet.

Restrict User Privileges: Limits user privileges so that important changes cannot be made without authorization.

Implement encrypted tools: Start using applications, SIM cards or encrypted cell phones to share valuable and important information within your company or with your contacts.

Encriptados protects you against Malwares.

At Encriptados.io we have the best tools to protect you against Malwares, from the Encrypted SIM Card, to encrypted apps or encrypted phones. We are the experts in secure communications and cybersecurity. Find your best ally and stop risking your data, your privacy and your personal information.

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