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Habits to improve privacy in times of teleworking

Cybersecurity   has been a key factor for companies in recent years, and now, thanks to the new normal generated by the covid 19 pandemic, it has become much more relevant, proving to be a fundamental aspect for any type of business  .


  1. Cybercrime is on the rise
  2. Habits to improve privacy in times of teleworking
  3. Protect your personal and business information with Encryptions

Cybercrime is on the rise

During 2020 and so far in 2021, cybercrimes have reached figures never seen before, revealing the little preparation we had in terms of cybersecurity and showing that we still lack much more awareness when it comes to adopting good habits that we help improve digital security and protect our data, money and personal information.

During these years, economic losses due to cybercrimes have broken records, with malware and phishing being the methods most used by cybercriminals. Despite this, not many companies have increased their cybersecurity budget, which is worrying if we think that telecommuting is a constant today. 

That is why, from Encryptados, we want to start promoting the use of good behaviors and habits on the web that allow us to improve our privacy and counteract cybercrime. 

Habits to improve privacy in times of teleworking

Check your e-mails carefully. The volume of emails that an employee can send and receive during the working day is quite large, this added to other tasks and the rush to manage and evacuate them, means that sometimes we do not review the emails that arrive to us. This situation is used by cybercriminals to send emails pretending to be supposedly reliable entities or people and make people fall into their trap, stealing data and personal information. Currently, it is very common to receive emails with alleged traffic tickets, evidence of infidelity or false emails from the bank, to make us fall into their networks. We must be careful not to act impulsively. 

In addition, it is important that you pay special attention to spelling, writing and signatures, malicious emails usually contain errors or have details that reveal their falsehood. 

Avoid connecting to public WiFi networks to manage work information.  During teleworking, many people are choosing to connect to public WiFi networks from cafes, shopping centers or Coworkings, however, using public WiFi represents a fairly high risk, since in this type of network, information travels freely, which makes it quite easy to intercept and steal, not to mention that many cybercriminals create WiFi networks with names identical to those of these types of places so that once you connect, they can steal information, money or even access and control the mobile device or laptop. 

Keep your devices updated and with antivirus.  The ideal is that you work from corporate devices since they are usually equipped with the necessary antivirus and updates to provide some protection, however, if you must use personal or other devices, try to install antivirus, keep the system updated operating system and software of the equipment and, if possible, do not visit many pages outside the work ones or those that you already know are reliable. 

Use safe apps . We have already seen how insecure applications like Zoom or WhatsApp are when it comes to working or holding a video conference. That is why we recommend that you look for more secure and reliable alternatives so that all the company’s private information is kept safe and confidential. In Encryptados.io you can find the most secure apps of the moment. 

Protect your personal and business information with Encryptions

In  Encrypted  you will be able to find the   safest encrypted applications to communicate, call or make secure videoconferences. Our applications have strict privacy policies so that no one but you has access to your data and information.

You can also get to know the  Encrypted Sim , a modern Encrypted Sim Card that will protect all your connections and give you completely anonymous and secure calls, preventing them from being intercepted or located. Giving a lot of protection to all communications, especially when dealing with sensitive issues or those that have to do with projects and private documents. 

And if you are looking for ultra-secure and impenetrable communications, then you can find all the brands of  encrypted cell phones  that we have and that work with military technology so that everything that enters and leaves the cell phone is encrypted and secure. 

Protect your privacy in times of teleworking with  Encrypted .

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