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In the digital world we cannot trust anything or anyone. There are many people and companies interested in a highly valuable resource, personal information. Now we must be careful with everything that surrounds us on the web, telephone or internet service providers, social networks, search engines, applications, the cloud or the sites we visit. Our data is at the mercy of third parties who prey on our privacy.

Unfortunately, there are few, if not null, laws that seek to protect people’s personal information, and those that currently exist are poorly respected by large companies. In addition to this, cyber criminals are growing every day and getting easier ways to get to our data.

For this reason, the care of personal information and confidential data falls on ourselves, we are in need and almost obliged to adopt forms of protection that distance our data from malicious third parties that market, manipulate and sell our personal information. . Unfortunately, it is no longer enough to just create strong passwords or refrain from sharing a lot of information. That is why it is important for people to start using encryption and its tools as a model of protection and security. 


  1. What is encryption?
  2. Why have an encrypted cell phone?
  3. Protect your information with encryption

What is encryption?

Although the word encrypt is a recent term to us, the reality is that encryption or data encryption dates back to ancient times. Our ancestors used codes, hieroglyphs, or signs to send hidden messages that only the recipient would understand and not third parties who could see them on the road. This is the basic concept of encryption, hiding or encoding a message so that outsiders cannot access it and, if they do, the information is incoherent and meaningless. 

Today, encryption uses more advanced technology that requires a little more development and knowledge to compete with the thousands of ways and tricks that cybercriminals have to access our personal information. Fortunately, we are reaching a point where people are becoming more aware of the importance of taking care of information and at the same time, this encryption technology becomes more and more accessible to any type of person.

Why have an encrypted cell phone?
As we mentioned before, it is no longer enough to adopt forms in the care of our personal information such as the use of strong passwords.

It is well known that almost everything we do on the network leaves a data footprint that is used and tracked by hackers and private companies. If we look closely, almost any application asks us for location, camera or even contact access permissions. Social networks are aware of all our data and use it for unethical purposes. They even sell them to other companies. At the end of the day, we do not know where or in whose hands our personal information ended up.

By having an encrypted cell phone you will obtain security and confidence. Encrypted phones use military-grade technology that encrypts all information going in and out of the device, making it impenetrable to third parties. All your photos, documents, voice messages, chats and even notes will remain safe and only the owner will have access to them. Even if you are the victim of a robbery or your phone is lost, your information will remain secure, as it can only be accessed with a password. Besides. You will have the option to remotely destroy all the data on the device by sending a simple specific message to the chat. 

You will not be able to be tracked, geolocated or intervened. Encrypted cell phones have international sim and mechanisms that block access to the current location, in addition all calls made will be safe, you can communicate with peace of mind. No cybercriminal, company or the state itself will be able to intervene your cell phone.

By having an encrypted cell phone you will not have to worry about changing your passwords or other strategies that do not allow you to be calm, all the information, including passwords, passwords and highly confidential data will be encrypted and out of the reach of any person other than you. 

Without a doubt, having an encrypted cell phone is synonymous with trust, security and peace of mind. And if this is what you are looking for, at Encryptados.io we have the ideal encrypted cell phone for you.

Protect your information with encryption

Encryptados.io  is an international company expert in secure communications, within our portfolio we have the best  encrypted cell phone brands in  the world, as well as  encrypted applications  and the  Encrypted Sim Card . 

Some of the main features of our  encrypted cell phones  are based on self-destructing messages in which you can set a certain time for the message you sent to be deleted on both devices. You will also have secure chats that can be individual or group and in which you can share images, videos, documents and voice messages safely and with complete peace of mind. You will also have a secure vault to store all confidential information and in case you lose your cell phone, it can be easily and reliably restored. Some brands have wallets and other features that will help you with all your communications and finances
. Don’t keep compromising your personal information. Visit  Encrypted.io and find the ideal encrypted cell phone for you or your company.

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