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Disable these functions to avoid being Hacked or Spied on on your Phone

We know that the security of our data is very important and nowadays, the use of mobile phones has become essential, so it is important to protect our devices to avoid being hacked or spied on.


1. Functions that you should deactivate to avoid being spied on.

2. Protect your communications and privacy with Encriptados.

Features that you should deactivate to avoid being spied on

Geolocation: Geolocation allows us to know where we are and gives us useful information to find nearby places. However, it can be used by third parties to track us and learn about our habits. To deactivate it, we must go to Settings, Location and there we can deactivate it.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a very useful tool for connecting our phone to other devices, but it can also be a gateway for hackers. By deactivating Bluetooth we will prevent hackers from having access to our devices. To deactivate it, we must go to Settings, Connections and there we can deactivate it.

NFC: NFC is a tool that allows us to share information between nearby devices, but it can also be used by hackers to steal information. To deactivate it, we must go to Settings, Connections and there we can deactivate it.

Unknown apps: Unknown applications can be used to install malware on our device. Therefore, it is important to disable the option to allow unknown applications. To do this, we must go to Settings, Security and there we can deactivate this option.

Wi-Fi: As we have said in other videos, it is important to be careful not to connect to public WiFi networks, as long as we do not need it, we must try to keep the WiFi option turned off on our devices.

Protect your communications and your privacy with Encriptados

At Encriptados.io we have the best solutions to protect your communications, your privacy and avoid being spied on regardless of the time or place. Learn about the best brands of cell phones, encrypted with military technology that will completely shield your phone, making it impossible to break. Also encrypted apps that allow you to send messages, documents, voice notes, photos or videos in an encrypted way, with strict privacy policies and the possibility of making private calls. You can also find the Encrypted SIM Card or eSIM to communicate in more than 200 countries around the world with a reliable and secure connection, making private calls and protecting network connections without needing a VPN.

Don’t wait any longer and start protecting your cybersecurity with Encriptados. Secure communications for people and companies.

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