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Cybersecurity trends for 2021 encriptados

Cybersecurity trends for 2021

  1. 2020 will be a year that we will never forget, in addition to the global pandemic, it has been the year of digitization, where people and companies have been forced to adapt to a new lifestyle where social distancing and the use of the technology to interact, study and work.  index
    1. Pandemic and cyber pandemic
    2. Cybersecurity Trends for 2021
    3. Protect your 2021 with Encrypted

Pandemic and cyber pandemic

The covid-19 was not the only pandemic that hit 2020, as a result of this a cyber pandemic was derived, within the digital world, where cybercriminals have taken advantage of all these situations and the little preparation we had in terms of cybersecurity, to do their thing. With new strategies, hiding behind well-known brands such as Netflix and using social engineering, thousands of companies and millions of users have been victims of computer crimes with unprecedented figures worldwide.

2021 will not be such a different year and as much as we would like, there is still a long way to go to fully recover normality. Hackers will be on the lookout and with this year’s experience, both companies and users will be forced to adopt more robust and cautious cybersecurity measures. 

That is why we want to share with you the cybersecurity trends that we will have throughout this new year.

Cybersecurity Trends for 2021

Use of artificial intelligence . Detecting a cybernetic threat usually takes time, in many cases once it is detected it is too late and the virus or cybercriminal will have managed to compromise the company’s equipment and systems. This is why in 2021 we will see much more, the use of artificial intelligence applied to companies with automated systems and software that will reduce this time and detect any security breach or possible threat in much less time. Also facilitating the work of systems engineers. 

The blockchain to protect data . While blockchain technology is still relatively new, this year it will pick up steam and we will see many companies using blockchain to decentralize data and encrypt it in a way that makes it much more difficult for any hacker to access it. Imagine that now your data is going to be split and stored in different places in real time. This is also known as asymmetric encryption

Greater authentication policies.  This year we will certainly see an evolution in authentication processes. Remote work and banking transactions force companies to improve their authentication systems to verify who exactly accesses information and when. We will see new strategies and authentication models. 

Greater cybersecurity in the cloud . Telecommuting, virtual education and other processes are carried out with information stored and shared in the cloud. This is why companies, educational institutions and other sectors must reinforce the digital security applied to the cloud, in order to protect and keep information safe.

Increased security for the Internet of things . The internet of things or IOT (Internet of things), is one of the great digital trends of recent times. However, it has many security gaps since, according to studies, more than 25% of companies could suffer an attack related to the Internet of things. That is why  encryption  will be essential to protect ourselves and secure equipment such as cell phones, tablets, computers, among other devices with which we work and communicate every day, this will provide greater digital security and peace of mind when carrying out different processes. Additionally It will be necessary to use more powerful antivirus and staff training to adopt more robust measures and protocols. 

Use of data encryption and secure communications . We usually think that data encryption or encryption is only for large companies, we could not be more wrong, digital security and secure communications are extremely important for any person or company that wants to protect their personal and confidential information. This year we will see the use of encryption as a solution for many companies, especially SMEs. Devices such as encrypted cell phones, encrypted applications, encrypted computers and encrypted sim cards will be a trend to protect us against hackers and intruders. 

Encrypted Mobile Apps . The need to communicate, work and have virtual conferences will make us look for more reliable options and with better security and privacy protocols. This year we saw how zoom and other applications used, they were a niche for hackers who spied and broke into many video conferences. By 2021, companies and people will look for alternatives such as  Threema , among others. 

Protect your 2021 with Encrypted

You can also find options such as the  Encrypted Sim , an international encrypted sim that works in more than 200 countries and gives you total anonymity and security, you will not be able to be intercepted, located or tracked. You will be able to communicate from anywhere in the world and talk about whatever you want with complete peace of mind.

Or you can opt for  encrypted apps  or  encrypted apps . Brands like Threema.Work ,  SilentCircle , will give you greater protection in your communications and will ensure that your photos, documents, voice notes, chats and calls are protected against any malicious third party. 

In 2020 we learned, experimented and adapted. It’s time to evolve and start protecting ourselves. At  Encriptados.io we take your security and privacy seriously.  

At  Encriptados.io  we have different solutions for you or your company to protect information and privacy. You can find the best  encrypted cell phone brands in  the world that will give you military-grade protection in all your communications and will encrypt all your data, chats, mail, photos, videos, documents, etc. All your personal and business information will be safe and fully protected.

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