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Cybersecurity as a resource to ensure democracy

Election times, democracy time and time to rely on cybersecurity as a resource to ensure it. We live in one of the most influential elections in the world, the US elections that have a global impact. But behind all the political campaigns, speeches, proposals and paraphernalia that a political career implies, there is a factor that has been gaining strength and that today has become essential in any political campaign: cybersecurity.


  1. Cybersecurity as a necessity 
  2. Some cases of cyberattacks in the political environment 
  3. Be sure with Encrypted

Cybersecurity as a necessity

Cybersecurity, although it is not a new concept, has become popular in recent years and not to mention how important and necessary it has been during this 2020 when information and communication flows mainly in a virtual and digital way. This is where it takes on a much more important level for people and organizations that need and want to protect themselves against cybercriminals and third party violators of privacy.

The political sector is not exempt from the need for cybersecurity, on the contrary, it is one of the sectors that should bet the most on computer security, even more so when seeking to give credibility and protect personal data that is used for different political activities. This is why the vast majority of political teams today have software,  encrypted cell phones , technology and computer tools that provide them with digital security and privacy in their communications. Just imagine what would happen if a candidate’s work plan or the strategies he has to defeat his opponents came to light. It could mean the end of an aspiration or campaign. 

On the other hand,  democracy  is a fundamental factor and in a technological world where information is power, we cannot trust anything. The power of information is so great that it becomes a powerful double-edged sword for politicians. A false information or leak of private data could mean the end. 

This is why candidates for elections around the world use information and disinformation as political warfare strategies to undermine a candidate, position a proposal or increase their popularity. In most cases we, the users, spend the whole time and believe everything that is sold to us. but do you know why this happens? It is not fortuitous or coincidental, the information you receive during election times, the information that reaches your email, your cell phone, or social networks, is specially designed for you. Yes, it is a message that has been built according to your personality, your behavior and your actions in the digital world. That is why all the data that reaches you, influences you, seduces you or produces something and is good for some or bad against others. This is where cybersecurity becomes a transversal and important factor for both the politician and the voter. On the one hand, the politician who seeks to protect his information and keep all his confidential data private and on the other hand, we, the voters and ordinary citizens who must think more and more about protecting our information on the network to avoid being manipulated for political purposes. , military and commercial. 

Ensuring democracy falls on everyone and how we protect and care for our data and how we receive the information that is given to us.

Some cases of cyberattacks in the political environment

Within the political world there have been different cases where the search for power has sparked cyber and political wars. Some of the most notorious are the cyber attacks between Israel and Iran, which have been involved in exchanges of cyber attacks compromising the hydraulic networks of one and the computer systems that are responsible for regulating the ships and merchandise that enter and leave the country by sea. other. 

Another famous case is between North Korea and the United States, these two countries have constantly accused each other of inferring and cyber-breaking into political and financial sectors. In one of the most recent cases, the United States government accused Korea of ​​being responsible for the WannaCry virus, a malware that has hijacked computers from hospitals, businesses, schools and banks in hundreds of countries and is considered one of the most costly cyberattacks. and largest in history. Korea for its part denies everything and accuses the United States of sending hackers and spies to steal information and private data from the country. 

On the other hand and specifically in the field of political campaigns, President  Donald Trump ‘s cybersecurity team  has stated on several occasions that Russian and Chinese hackers have tried to damage his website, compromise his information and affect all his campaigns but that until now have not been successful so far. On the other side, his opponent,  Joe Biden , has also been attacked by different hackers who seek to compromise his candidacy and presidential aspirations. 

Be sure with Encrypted

Like this sector, we are all exposed and at the mercy of third parties. Be it a cyber criminal, a private company or the government itself. As long as information means power, our data will not be safe. That is why we must look for tools that provide us with security, privacy and peace of mind. 

Encryptados.io  is the ideal option to protect your personal information. You can find  encrypted sim encrypted cell phones  or  encrypted applications  that will give you security and privacy on the network. Allowing all your data and personal information to be kept safe and away from the reach of malicious people.

Don’t keep compromising your privacy and information. Make sure with  Encrypted .

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