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Cybercrime. What should I do if I am a victim of one?

Cybercrime is a form of crime that is becoming more and more popular. In a digitalized era, it is to be expected that there are malicious people who seek to illegally take advantage of all the security gaps that exist in cyberspace. We are all exposed and we can be the next victims, so the question is what should I do if I am the victim of a cybercrime?



2. What should I do if I am the victim of a cybercrime?

3. Protect yourself with Encriptados


More than half of the world’s population has access to the internet and it’s hard to imagine people who don’t have a mobile device. Most companies have different processes that are managed online or digitally. Every day we migrate a little more to cyberspace and leave behind the paper, the physical file and even face-to-face communication. In addition to this, we are going through a global pandemic that has forced the entire population to use computer and technological tools to communicate, work, study and entertain themselves. But not everything on the web is so good, since behind all this are cybercriminals, who are constantly on the prowl looking for ways to profit illegally, swindling, stealing information, blackmailing and impersonating people and companies. Cybercrimes have become constant and have even become a more profitable ‘business’ than drug trafficking itself. We are all on the lookout. Regardless of whether we are wealthy or not, whether we are famous or not, or whether our company is small or large, we are all targets of hackers. This is why we must know what to do in case we are the following victims.

What should I do if I am the victim of a cybercrime? 

No one wants to be a victim of any crime and the best way to avoid it is prevention, creating robust passwords, always carefully checking the links we open, not giving information to strangers, avoiding public Wi-Fi networks and not sharing sensitive data on social networks. However, and even doing all these things, we can be one more victim of computer crime. 

About 12,000 million dollars are lost annually by cybercrimes. In Latin America there are 6 million fraud and hack attempts every day. And in Colombia alone, more than 28,000 complaints of cybercrime are reported per year. Is it much more than you thought? Cybercrime is more frequent than we sometimes believe and for this reason, although we do not want to, we must know what to do if we fall into the hands of a cybercriminal.

The first thing you should do once you realize that you are a victim of a computer crime is to contact the authorities of the country in which you are. Normally, each country has a hotline used expressly to report cybercrimes, if you cannot find it, you can contact the numbers you know of the police and they will refer you. There you must establish your case and experts in this type of crime will be able to advise you. 

The second thing is to be calm, we know that it is a moment of despair, anguish and anger, but these feelings cannot lead us to act irrationally and fall into the psychological games of the cybercriminal who will take advantage of this to continue taking the crime further. Such as blackmailing, requesting a financial reward or even threatening you or a family member. They will seek in any way to try to get money and take you to do it, but we must avoid this until the last moment. 

Third, you must make sure to call your bank and block all your cards and report that you have been the victim of a computer crime and that any movement that is made or has been made has not been on your part. We must clearly protect our heritage. After this, it is worth noting that you inform your family, company and friends of the same, because remember that the hacker may have more personal information than you imagine and will search with you, with your bank or even with a close friend, to get advantage and seek economic benefit. Some modalities call family members informed of a false accident or kidnapping and ask for an immediate reward.

Also and if you still have access, change all the passwords of your accounts for a new and unusual one. You can also try giving the option to sign out of all devices. And finally, once this moment that no one expects to live has passed, without a doubt you should seek to improve your security with more measures and protection. 

To avoid being the next ones, the best thing to do is prevention. However, if what we want is to feel completely calm and secure, the ideal option is to have secure communications tools and products such as the ones Encriptados has .

Protect yourself with encryption 

At Encriptados.io we have different solutions that will undoubtedly help you not to be a victim of cybercriminals. You can find the Encrypted Sim , an encrypted sim that gives security to your communications, works worldwide and keeps you anonymous and safe from malicious third parties. You can also find the best encrypted cell
phone brands that will protect all your data and give you military-grade security, with secure and encrypted chats, protected mail, anonymous calls and incomparable security.

Or you can opt for the encrypted apps which will give you secure and encrypted chats. You can send images, voice notes, videos and encrypted documents. You can also time your messages so that they self-destruct after being read and many other functions that will protect you.

At Encriptados.io we take your security and privacy seriously because we don’t want more victims of computer crimes.

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