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Companies that were hacked How to prevent it from happening to yours?

The different companies that have been hacked around the world are the perfect example to start worrying about our cybersecurity.

Today we will tell you about some of the companies that thought they were prepared but that in the end saw their computer security violated, we will also explain  what to do so that yours is not the target of these attacks.


  1. yahoo
  2. Sony
  3. eBay
  4. LinkedIn
  5. How to prevent it from happening to yours?

The evolution from the traditional to the digital has brought multiple advantages both to our personal lives and to the business and entrepreneurship sector. These changes brought with them a number of problems that, if we do not know how to handle them, could trigger irreparable situations 

Here are some hacked companies  that lost millions trying to recover information stolen by cybercriminals.

  1. Yahoo : Yahoo was hacked in 2013, but it was not confirmed until 2014 when a company spokesperson confirmed what happened, there they recognized that they were the victim of a major computer attack that affected more than 500 million users. Two years later, new information would come to light that would corroborate that it was not 500 but 3,000 million users who saw their personal data violated.
  2. Sony : In 2014, cybercriminals were dedicated to stealing mail and movies from the company, causing the cancellation of film shoots and movie premieres. Not happy, they made personal threats to a large part of the collaborators. Sony described this year as the worst in its history.
  3. Ebay : In May 2014, Ebay users woke up to a message where the company asked them to change their access passwords after suffering a cyber attack. According to company data, hackers accessed databases where information from at least 145 million users was found.
  4. LinkedIn : In 2012, the social network exposed that cybercriminals had stolen 6.5 million passwords to obtain the personal data of users. 5 years later, in 2017, the company suffers a new attack where 100 million member passwords were compromised and sold on the dark internet market for 5 bitcoins.

What to do so that it does not happen to yours?

Right now, it has become essential to have technologies that prevent digital brute force attacks. Cell phones,  computers and  applications  with specialized algorithms will allow you to make backup copies, fully encrypted calls, impenetrable conversations, among others.

It is important for companies to start investing in this area, in fact, a report by the international firm Deloitte, published on the website of  Dinero magazine,  showed that “half of Colombian organizations  allocate only between 1% and 5% of the Technology and Information (IT) budget to strengthen the cybersecurity system…”,  this compared to countries like the United States where companies spend more than 20%. 

On the other hand, it is vital to generate a culture of computer care in collaborators, teach them good practices such as the use of strong passwords, as well as provide them with  secure tools that guarantee the protection of business data.

In this case,  encrypted applications  are an appropriate option for you and your employees when it comes to managing the company’s most confidential information, they are versatile and practical as they allow you to connect from different devices anywhere in the world.

Apps like  Wickr Pro  or  Sikur , expert brands in computer security, are programmed to provide your organization with, for example, authenticated and secure conference calls. In addition, with them, the storage and security of data is guaranteed because they use military-grade security protocols. 

Do you feel that your organization is prepared for a digital attack? It is a question that all its collaborators should ask themselves,  if the answer is “no” , it is urgent to implement measures such as those previously proposed

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