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Blockchain and its importance in Cybersecurity encriptados

Blockchain and its importance in Cybersecurity

For several years we have heard the term  Blockchain  and it is becoming more and more relevant in the field of  cybersecurity . But do we know what it is and how it works? We want to explain to you in a simple way the importance of this model and its use in the field of  computer security .


  1. What is blockchain?
  2. How does the blockchain work?
  3. Why is blockchain used in cybersecurity?
  4. Advantages of having blockchain-based technology
  5. Protect your data with encryption

What is blockchain?

Blockchain in Spanish translates block chain and originated thanks to the entire bitcoin revolution as a protection mechanism for it in 2008. The blockchain is a decentralized information coding system or model. Imagine a book and each page is a block. Each page stores specific and classified information and together they form the entire system. If one page goes missing, the others can support the missing information and continue to protect and keep the entire chain secure.

How does the blockchain work?

Suppose you have a series of relevant data or information that you want to protect. Using systems with blockchain technology, a series of nodes are created in charge of saving and storing information at various points at the same time, in real time and encrypted, where all your information will be protected with  asymmetric encryption . This makes all your data decentralized in 

Why is blockchain used in cybersecurity?

Since it is a distributed technology, in which each of the nodes saves and stores an exact copy of the entire chain, this makes access to information available at any time and place. Even if a cybercriminal wanted to attack your system, he would have to intervene in all the nodes to achieve it, since it is only enough to have one node operating in the entire chain so that your information remains intact and available. 

This makes blockchain technology a reliable and very secure system. You can store all your information and it will not be lost, modified or deleted.

Advantages of having blockchain-based cybersecurity

This cybersecurity system offers several advantages for the company or individual that has this technology. The first thing is that you will always have access to your data, no matter the place, time or circumstance, you will always be able to access them safely and quickly. For example, a sector that could take advantage of it would be health, imagine being able to store the medical history of each patient and that it remains safe and where only authorized doctors can access it in real time and from any health center or hospital. This would greatly facilitate processes and user service.  

On the other hand, you will have total confidentiality in your information, so your data will be out of the reach of hackers and only those who have the keys will be able to access them, no one else will have a way to access them. 

Another great advantage is the storage and preservation of your data. Now it will not be necessary to have large file cabinets within your company with documents and folders full of information that can be damaged or deleted over time. You can have everything in the cloud with blockchain. For example, the first bitcoin transaction made using blockchain technology was 10 years ago and this record is still there with all the information intact.

Last but not least, we have the security and protection of information, this point is fundamental. Everything will be protected and you will not have to worry about third parties or hackers who want to hijack your data and collect a ransom.

In conclusion, blockchain technology has been revolutionizing the world and today it is more common to see it present in different fields such as cybersecurity. For example, Encriptados.io  has different  encrypted cell phone systems  that work with blockchain technology.

Protect your data with encryption

You can also find our Encrypted Sim that complements you by offering total privacy and anonymity. You will be able to communicate from more than 200 countries without being located and with data plans or minutes that never expire.

Also, you can take your private messaging to the next level and protect yourself in an age where digital rules the roost and there are many risks. Learn about our encrypted applications and continue talking with family, colleagues and friends in a 100% secure and encrypted way. Send encrypted and secure photos, videos, documents or voice messages with complete peace of mind.

Technology is at your fingertips, use it for the benefit of your privacy and security with  Encriptados. 

At  Encriptados  we have the best  encrypted cell phones  in the world. Our cell phones have blockchain technology and several of them come with wallets to manage all your crypto transactions safely and efficiently. You will have total security and privacy in your communications and all personal and business information.

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