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Beware of giveaways on Instagram: they are being used to steal bank details

Cybersecurity companies are on alert for a new scam method used by cybercriminals to scam people and steal data and money, protect yourself with an  encrypted cell phone .


We have all been witnesses or participants of different giveaways on social networks, mainly on Instagram, where this marketing technique has become widely used by companies of all kinds looking to grow in followers and sales. 

This modality that mobilizes large numbers of people has given rise to groups of cybercriminals making use of this mechanism to steal personal data and even money. 

How does the scam work?

The deception is done through the technique known as “phishing”, where groups of cybercriminals pose as companies and organize instagram giveaways to capture and deceive victims. 


These hackers do not care about the number of followers you may have in your account, you do not have to be a great influencer to be a victim of these fake giveaways because when the criminals detect that this type of giveaway causes an interaction of thousands of people around a post on a social network, it becomes a succulent crop for committing crimes.

“These users are more focused on winning a trip to a paradise island or the latest iPhone model than verifying the identity of the person who sends them private messages. And right there is the deception, ”says Hevé Lambert, head of global operations at the company Panda Security.

Don’t fall for these scams

In this type of computer crime, cybercriminals create a profile identical to that of the company that carries out raffles, they only change a letter or a symbol and modify the entire profile with logos, photos and other information in a way that makes it quite difficult to differentiate from the real one.

After this, hackers follow many of the people who have participated in the contest of the original company to send them an inbox or private message telling them that they have been winners of the contest and invite them to leave their data in a link to send the contest. reward. This link is false and what it is looking for is to collect personal data such as addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, emails, passwords and even financial data, which they will later use to commit crimes. 

Malware has even been detected that is downloaded to the cell phone or device from which the victim completes the form and spies on all the browsing that the person does on the Internet and in the worst case, some cybercriminals can gain full control of your device. . 

Protect yourself with Encrypted solutions

At  Encriptados.io  we have the best solutions for you to have secure communications and protect your privacy and your internet connections.

You will be able to find the best  encrypted cell phones  in the world that will give you military-grade security so that you can communicate and browse with total confidence and privacy without any third party being able to access your data.

Also, you can learn about the  most secure encrypted applications  on the market that will allow you to make calls, video calls and send messages, photos or documents quickly and 100% securely. No one but you can have access to your information.

And if you want to give your personal or business cell phone a strong layer of security, the ideal option is the  Encrypted Sim , an encrypted sim card that will protect your mobile device from inspection or hacking, giving you total privacy and anonymity so that no one can access your calls. , data or communications.
Today cybersecurity is more important than ever, start protecting yourself with  Encriptados .

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