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Armadillo Chat High Security Instant Messaging App

What if we could have communications as strong and impossible to penetrate as the armor of an armadillo? That is now possible thanks to Armadillo Chat. Let’s see what are the features that make Armadillo Chat strong and impenetrable.


1. What is Armadillo Chat?

2. How does Armadillo Chat work?

3. How and where to purchase Armadillo Chat?

4. Discover the best encrypted applications on the market at Encriptados.io

Many people are becoming aware of the importance of privacy. It is for this reason that people are looking for more secure messaging applications that provide complete certainty that no one else will be able to access messages and information such as location, contacts or connection time.

What is Armadillo Chat?

Armadillo Chat is a highly secure instant messaging application. You can communicate with text messages, images, files, group chats or video calls securely and privately.

Armadillo Chat can be installed on any type of Android or iOS mobile device, being an app 100% secure and one of the simplest and most intuitive to use, which makes it a complete and practical app to communicate with any contact in an effective and reliable way.

How does Armadillo Chat work?

Among the features that differentiate Armadillo Chat from other encrypted apps is its functionality to verify the identity of a contact with a QR code, a Wi-Fi verification, a key question or even with a photograph. 

In addition, the same application will be able to automatically warn you about possible impostors in your contact list, thus preventing you from being hacked or intervened.

How and where to purchase Armadillo Chat?

You can find the license at Encriptados.io. Once you purchase your license, we will go to the Encriptados page and at the option Armadillo Chat we will press the Download APK button. Then from Drive we will proceed to download the app. We click on Package Installer and the app will be installed.

Then you will click on create a New account. A username is entered for the app and then we enter the code that Encriptados provide us at the time of purchase. Remember that it is a unique and private code.

The steps are quite intuitive and after this you can enjoy the application and all its features.

Discover the best encrypted applications on the market at Encriptados.io

Encriptados is an international company recognized for having the best secure communications brands, within its portfolio it has: Encrypted phones, an international Encrypted SIM Card and the best encrypted applications on the market. 

Visit the official website and learn about all the options to communicate safely.

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