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AirTag, the new Apple product that will not only serve to find your keys

We all know how annoying it is trying to rush out of the house and not finding your keys, wallet or jacket and wasting time looking for them before you can leave. 

Faced with this everyday situation, Apple has thought of a new product that aims to help us in these cases, but that some cybersecurity experts consider dangerous since it could violate privacy.


  1. What is the AirTag?
  2. How can objects be located? 
  3. The danger of Airtags with privacy?
  4. Protect yourself with Encryptions and ensure your privacy

Technology advances and we must adapt to it and use it to our advantage, but it is inevitable to think that with this advance, we are losing much of our privacy and it is becoming easier to locate a person, know their data or obtain large personal information. almost effortless. So, how prepared are we to make good use of technology, being aware of its risks and misuse? 

A hammer can help you drive a nail, a knife can help you cut meat for dinner, but at the same time, both objects can be used to hurt. Just like these, there are multiple objects that we use in our daily lives that, although they are designed for a specific function, can also become a double-edged sword in the wrong hands. Such is the case of the most recent product of the Apple company, the AirTg. 

What is the AirTag?

The AirTag is a small button or label that can be placed on another object to make it locatable on the map. You can attach it to your keys, wallet, dog collar or briefcase and see the real-time location in Apple’s Find My app.

How can objects be located? 

Each of these small gadgets emits a signal that can be captured and recorded by any Apple device that is connected to the internet, an iPhone, a Mac or an Apple Watch can be used to create a search network, that is, if I buy an AirTag and put it in my vehicle and suppose the car is stolen and the thief has an iPhone, I will be able to know in real time where he moves, in case he has a device of another brand, I will have to wait for it to park the vehicle and someone with an Apple device near this passes, this will immediately send me the location. Sounds good? Yes, but it can be extremely dangerous. 

According to Apple, the network will consist of more than 1,000 million active products worldwide and will be highly effective mainly in places where the brand is very successful, such as the United States, Europe or Japan. 

The danger of Airtags with privacy?

Just as this device can be used for good purposes, it also has the risk of falling into malicious hands and being used to violate privacy. Although the company has said that they are not designed for use with people, this will not stop a few from wanting to do so. People spying on the location of couples or people wanting to know movements and places that someone in particular visits. It will be enough to put it in someone’s car, jacket or bag to know all their steps.

So this is where the technology begins to cross the limits and although originally its intentions are to help, it can also be used for malicious actions that could incur a crime. 

We need technology, it clearly makes our lives easier and gives us tools for day-to-day tasks, but without a doubt, we must be very aware of the risks and make good use of these objects, our information, our privacy and our data are not they are priced. 

Protect yourself with Encryptions and ensure your privacy

At  Encriptados  we seek to use technology for the total benefit of people and companies, that is why we have solutions designed to guarantee privacy, security and anonymity.

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Also, you can find the  most secure encrypted applications on the market, call, chat, send photos or documents with total confidence, nothing you share or receive can be intercepted or filtered. 

In addition, you will find the  Encrypted Sim , one of the best encrypted sim cards on the market that you can install on any IOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry device and will give you privacy and anonymity so that all your communications remain secure and 100% private. 

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