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8 encrypted cell phones that no one can ever spy on

Have you ever had the doubt about whether our communications are really private? Or maybe you have felt that your cell phone behaves strangely and may be being hacked. Well, it turns out that all of this is quite possible and becoming more and more common. 

Our communications are not at all private and every day it becomes much easier for third parties to intercept our calls and messages. How to avoid it? Improving our digital security and behaviors on the web, and ideally, having one of these encrypted cell phones that no one can spy on or hack. 


  1. What is an encrypted cell phone?
  2. The 8 safest encrypted cell phones on the market
  3. Find the ideal encrypted cell phone for you in Encryptados.io

What is an encrypted cell phone?

Encrypted cell phones or encrypted cell phones are smartphones to which additional protection measures have been added with secure operating systems and encrypted applications, giving the phones greater security and making it impossible to access them. For the most part, encrypted cell phones have features such as international coverage, PGP encrypted mail, encrypted messages, secure calls, automatic message burning, cloud storage and many others that will keep all information private. 

The 8 safest encrypted cell phones on the market

Within the world of encrypted cell phones, there are some that have more prestige than others, because they have been on the market for years and have never been hacked or intervened by any third party. Today we bring you 8 cell phones that no one can ever spy on, intervene or hack.

GhostECC :

 This cell phone provides a platform that uses the latest encryption methods for secure communication

Offering military-grade encryption over the years with a transparent track record of bulletproof security. It has a triple layer of encryption that keeps all communications secure from end to end and you will also have the “panic password” functionality, which will be a false password that you will enter in the cell phone when unlocking it so that it eliminates all the information from it. silently in case you are forced to hand it over or show it. 

Additionally, it has PGP Mail, encrypted chat, secure calls, international coverage and cloud storage. 

TotalSec : 

This brand is a little more recent than the previous ones, however it has sophisticated hardware and quite complex security protocols that make it an excellent team. It features VPN encryption, which offers a secure alternative to using the public network. VPN encryption masks your IP address and encrypts all communications from your device.  

An important feature of this cell phone is that it has a Wallet for cryptocurrencies to securely manage all transactions and activities with crypto. You also have the option to install Telegram or Signal as an app. Additionally, it comes with the same encrypted chat, PGP mail and remote wipe features. 

ArmadilloPhone : 

Armadillo is a recognized brand in the world of encrypted cell phones. It allows encrypted instant messages and encrypted calls and video calls. It also has international coverage and secure applications that monitor your activity and can alert you to possible risks. It has a fairly intuitive and easy-to-use interface and, like the previous brands, it comes with PGP-N mail, encrypted chat, and powerful hardware. 


This team has fully encrypted devices and servers. All developed in a modern interface. The equipment is protected against brute force and has an operating system that is easy to manipulate. You will have encrypted chat with self-destructing messages and remote wipe, PGP mail and encrypted calls. It is quite a powerful and easy to use device.


CommuniTake, the parent company of Intact, fully manufactures the device. From the hardware to the operating system. This seeks to prevent the substitution of code by malicious actors and information breaches. It is a fairly powerful device that has alerts to prevent attacks and an operating system called IntactOS that is designed to protect all communications. It has secure voice calls, encrypted messaging, panic button and 100% protected sending of attached documents. 

T2 Communicator

A true secure cell phone with blockchain encryption. This team also has Wallet and blockchain technology to make your crypto transactions safer and more reliable from anywhere in the world. Additionally, it has an IMSI catcher detector, a tool that will let you know if someone is trying to triangulate your calls or communications. This device is one of the most people-friendly thanks to its operating system that is quite simple and eye-catching. Like the other brands, you will be able to have secure calls, encrypted chat, PGP mail, a panic button and a cloud vault. You can also install external applications on this computer, although it is not recommended if you are looking for complete security. 

Find the ideal encrypted cell phone for you at Encryptados.io
At  Encriptados.io  we do exhaustive research to select the best and safest brands on the market and bring them closer to people or companies looking for private communications. On our page you can find all the detailed functionalities of each brand and also learn about our  Encrypted Sim  and our catalog of  encrypted applications .

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