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5 Messaging apps safer than Whatsapp or Telegram

Using messaging applications is increasingly tedious and unsafe thanks to their privacy policies that, although it sounds funny, have less and less privacy. Large companies modify and manipulate these policies as best suits them and where the user is the main affected, delivering data and giving access that put their digital security at risk and increasingly reduce the right to privacy. 

Given this situation, encrypted applications have emerged that are interested in the user and in providing total privacy and strong and robust digital security that protects user data and communications. Today we bring you 5 of them that are safer than WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal.


  1. 5 Messaging apps safer than Whatsapp or Telegram
  2. You can find the best encrypted applications in Encrypted

Whatsapp, Telegram and even Signal are messaging applications that put our communications at risk, although they all promise end-to-end encrypted chats and other privacy policies, in reality they are simple protocols, easy to hack, leaving users vulnerable . We could say that they are selling us a false idea of ​​privacy and security so that we continue to be consumers of their products. We have already witnessed the failures of Whatsapp and its changes in privacy policies where they can even transfer our personal data to third parties, we have also witnessed errors in Telegram and security breaches in Signal, so what other alternatives do we have? We show you 5 options that are much more secure, private and just as easy to use.

5 Messaging apps safer than Whatsapp or Telegram

Silent Circle

Silent Circle  is an encrypted app with military grade features. It has the option to send texts, images, documents or videos in encrypted form and add a timer to each message so that it is deleted on both devices at a certain time. You can also make calls and video calls safely and even communicate with landlines or mobile phones in more than 80 countries without roaming charges. It is available for IOs or Android and is simple and easy to use.


Threema  is another of the applications that have become popular with people with its personal version and with companies with its  Threema.Work version . Both work in a very similar way offering encrypted chats and calls. It also offers striking features such as the option to create secure group chats of up to 100 people and surveys within a chat, as well as pinning each contact to access said conversation. It is a fairly complete and functional application without forgetting that it is quite intuitive to use. It is equally available for Android and IOs.

You can find the best encrypted applications in Encrypted

In  Encriptados.io  you will be able to find these and other encrypted applications that will help you to have much more secure and private communications with strict privacy policies designed for users. You will not be able to be intercepted or intervened and you will be able to communicate with complete peace of mind.

Find the ideal application for you and learn about other products such as the  Encrypted Sim Card  or the variety of encrypted cell phones that we have for you.

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