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What is an MDM and how do they make your cell phone more secure?

Have you heard about MDMs and why they are so important when encrypting your cell phone?

What is an MDM?

MDM means Mobile Device Management, a software that is installed on devices and modifies the phone’s policies to manage it and make it more secure. Basically, MDM is a tool that serves to make the phone environment in which an encrypted system or application operates more secure.

When the MDM is installed, it is normal for it to ask you for access to your location, camera or other services which, at first glance, may seem alarming, but don’t worry, what the MDM is doing is requesting all these services to take them away from your Android or IOS operating system and thus be able to restrict access to your location, your contacts and camera.

So when we talk about encrypted systems such as Total Sec, Cryptcom, Chatmail and others, we are talking about brands that come with an MDM that protects the entire device so that the applications that these systems bring can be much more secure and private and in this way, the user has a fully armored phone without back doors.

So, when you hear the term MDM, do not forget that it is a software that is responsible for managing the functions of your phone to make it more secure and private, avoiding any type of intrusion by a third party.

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