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The free Android operating system that promises privacy and security for devices

When we talk about security and digital protection for mobile phones, it is usual that we find products and services of different types and costs. But now, we can also find free alternatives that offer excellent security and protection for our devices, an excellent option that is gaining more and more strength on the market is GrapheneOs.

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What is GrapheneOS?

GrapheneOS is an open-source operating system that aims to provide an additional layer of security and privacy to Android devices, and its success is because it is free. It was founded in 2014 and was previously known as CopperheadOS. Edward Snowden, a former CIA agent and technology consultant for the United States government, has been one of the people who has recommended this system.

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What does a system like GrapheneOS offer to my mobile device?

Undoubtedly, a device GrapheneOS will have much more privacy than one that comes with factory defects, even more so if we enhance its system with encrypted applications or Encrypted Sim Cards.

GrapheneOS can be installed on Google Pixel devices, offering a much more private and secure phone for people who want to protect their personal information and communications in a free and effective way, thanks to the fidelity of its decentralized code. While GrapheneOS by itself will not provide fully encrypted communications, it does provide a much higher level of privacy than a conventional operating system. Don’t worry; just by installing some encrypted apps or an Encrypted Sim Card, you will get encrypted communications perfectly, including calls, video calls, and encrypted chats.
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How to enhance GrapheneOS with Encrypted products and services?

GrapheneOS and Encrypted is a winning combination. You can enhance your GrapheneOS with Encrypted products to have an ultra-secure and tamper-proof phone, integrate it with our Encrypted Sim Card or encrypted messaging applications, and enjoy the most secure communications on the market.

We are in a technological era in which it is necessary to seek digital protection and privacy to protect our personal information, our privacy, and even our money. Therefore, implementing tools like GrapheneOS is an excellent option to protect ourselves, and even more so if we complement it with tools like an Encrypted Sim Card or an encrypted application.

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Frequent questions

GrapheneOs has no cost, it is a free operating system that offers greater security and privacy

Yes. Any application can be installed, however, it is recommended to use encrypted applications that enhance the GrapheneOs operating system and complement privacy and security

Any type of Sim Card can be used, the recommendation is to make use of Encrypted Sim Card such as Encriptados, to have more private communications and complement the secure GrapheneOs system