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Military Grade Encryption, What is it and how does it work?

It is common for us to hear about products such as cell phones or apps that have military-grade encryption, softwares that are becoming more important every day for companies and individuals seeking to protect their data and confidential information. Today we will tell you clearly what Military Grade Encryption is and how it works.

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What is Cipher or Encrypt?

Ciphering or Encrypting is nothing more than hiding the content of a message by means of a code so that it cannot be read or intercepted by any third party that does not have access to the key. Encryption is commonly used to protect files, documents, banking information, chats and calls, emails, or sensitive data.

Military-Grade Encryption

In a digitized era, it is of great importance to protect the devices and software with which we browse the Internet and share so much private information. It is no secret to anyone, the danger and risk that our data runs when we browse the web. This is where elements such as data encryption come in to offer greater security. However, not all encryption is created equal, and not all are shielded from malwares or hackers.

The common encryption that we find in applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or other applications, is a type of encryption that, although it contributes something to security and privacy, is not impenetrable and is much easier to hack compared to other types of encryption such as Military encryption.

Distribuidores Celulares Encriptados
Distribuidores Celulares Encriptados

The concept of Military Grade Encryption, as its name indicates, is a type of encryption that is strong and robust enough to prevent any information leak and any type of cyber attack on mobile devices or software, guaranteeing total protection of confidential data. .

Normally, when we refer to this type of encryption, we are talking about one that has AES-256, OMEMO or ZRTP protocols, ciphers used by companies such as NASA that are impossible to decipher and what they do is protect all the information that enters and It leaves the device with a much stronger protocol compared to other types of encryption such as AES-128 that is used by various messaging applications.

The Cost of Military-Grade Encryption

When we hear that this type of encryption is used by NASA, by government entities or large companies, it is normal for us to think that the cost of a device or application that works with Military-Grade Encryption is extremely expensive and only imaginable for large organizations. But the truth is that this type of encryption can already be found in cell phones and apps that are quite affordable for any company or individual who wants to protect their communications and personal data. There are applications with military encryption that can be purchased from USD $10 and mobile operating systems that start at USD $150.

Where to Buy Cell Phones or Applications with Military Grade Encryption?

Today there are different marketplaces where you can buy Encrypted Applications and Encrypted Cell Phones that work with military-grade encryption. For example, Encriptados.io has a wide range of applications, cell phones and sim cards with different functionalities and values that adapt to the needs of each person or company. Protecting our data, communications and personal information must be a priority today. Encriptados knows this and has not only the best products on the market but also the cheapest and easiest to use.